0ptimus Analytics and Cadent Partner to Integrate On-Demand Data Creation and Audience Modeling Into Advanced TV Platform

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Technology Partnership Lets Advertisers Create and Activate Custom Audience Segments On-Demand and at Scale, Enables Real-Time Campaign Optimization

NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 2020/PRNewswire -- Cadent, the advanced TV platform company, today announced a partnership with 0ptimus Analytics, the data science and technology company, allowing TV advertisers to activate against custom audience segments faster and more efficiently and get real-time insights into how campaigns are performing.

Real-time optimization of data segments is paramount to success for marketers, allowing them to better connect with their most engaged audiences, take advantage of the creative that resonates most and better orchestrate their cross-screen investments. Because 0ptimus's on-demand data creation and audience modeling technology allows segments to be built or updated within a matter of hours in response to real-world triggers, marketers have more choice and fluidity with their campaigns, and can adapt in real time to today's constantly changing environment. 0ptimus transforms on-demand insights on consumer behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, activism, causes, trends, current events and more from its verified opt-in panel into scaled bespoke audiences for activation in a matter of minutes.

The scale and accuracy are made possible through an integration between Cadent's advanced TV platform and 0ptimus Analytics' verified matched sample data creation. The integration connects Cadent's Viewer Intelligence Graph directly to 0ptimus' on-demand predictive modeling and audience scaling platform. Together, the systems enable brands to convert opt-in consumer data into modeled and scaled audiences with unparalleled flexibility, speed, precision and agility.

0ptimus's portfolio of pre-built bespoke consumer data segments are available through Cadent Advanced TV Platform. Cadent and 0ptimus are powered by cookieless, CCPA and GDPR-compliant technology.

"With this partnership, Cadent and 0ptimus aim to simplify and clarify identity for television advertisers," said Tim Jenkins, EVP, Head of Audience & Identity Solutions, Cadent. "Cadent's Platform and 0ptimus's data creation and modeling technology provide advertisers with unmatched speed and accuracy to target their relevant audiences across TV screens."

"Advertisers today require hyper-responsive technology and the ability to optimize campaigns on the fly," said Katie Casavant, President of 0ptimus Analytics. "We're thrilled to partner with Cadent and respond to the industry's clear need for speed and more sophisticated, accurate audience targeting capabilities."

About Cadent:

Cadent powers the evolution of TV advertising. We provide marketers, agencies, operators, and media owners with data-driven solutions for buying and selling TV advertising. By connecting brands with national TV audiences across cable, broadcast, CTV, and OTT, Cadent's technology improves efficiencies and boosts the results of linear, addressable, and cross-screen campaigns. In the US, Cadent's national platform provides access to 100 million households. For more information, visit www.cadent.tv or follow @CadentTV.

About 0ptimus Analytics:

0ptimus Analytics is a data science and technology company singularly focused on transforming data-driven insight on how people think, feel and act into predictive models and people-based audiences for activation at scale. Since its founding in 2013, 0ptimus has been at the forefront of innovation developing connected data approaches to leveraging market research and insight, data science, predictive analytics and proprietary software platform solutions to identify the right people and the right messages to drive brand growth. For more information, please visit www.0ptimus.com.

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