2000-2020 Advertising & Marketing Spending Statistics: Exclusive MyersBizNet Data

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Twenty-Year Ad Spending Data and Forecasts 2000 - 2020
Ten Year Average (2000-2010-2020)
UPDATED 12-15-14   Data Reported in 000,000      
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Above the Line Advertising      
Broadcast Network TV (All Platforms)16,9703.118,4863.226,4424.5
Cable/Satellite Network Television (All Platforms)9,7601.820,7163.637,3586.3
Local & National Spot Broadcast TV (All Platforms)25,8004.723,2524.023,4564.0
Local/Regional Cable TV (All Platforms)3,6000.74,7670.85,8531.0
Broadcast Syndication (All Platforms)1,8890.32,2770.42,0160.3
Digital Placed-Based Video Media (excl. cinema)4000.16680.11,7030.3
Cinema Advertising (All Platforms)4000.17390.19270.2
Online Originated Video Content Advertising 00.03500.114,0032.4
Interactive, VOD & Addressable TV Advertising150.0500.09,9321.7
Terrestrial Radio (All Platforms)19,0003.515,9912.717,1142.9
Internet Originated Audio 00.03850.14,2030.7
Newspaper Advertising (Print + All Platforms)48,4008.929,7625.121,9373.7
Consumer Magazines Advertising (Print + All Platforms)17,8003.316,3912.815,9622.7
Out-of-Home/Place-Based (excl. Cinema & P-O-I)5,1750.96,7861.28,9411.5
Media Directed Social/Promotion/Sponsorships/Native2,0000.46,7601.214,0502.4
Branded Entertainment/Product Placement6650.16,1481.18,9111.5
Online Originated Display (Banner) Advertising4,4200.85,2420.94,6560.8
Mobile & Apps Advertising200.09140.243,2847.3
Videogame Advertising/Virtual Currency1000.01,0440.22,7850.5
Total Above the Line Advertising156,41428.6160,72927.6263,53244.7
Below the Line Promotion/Shopper Marketing      
Direct-to-Trade Promotion/Slotting Allowances172,20031.5166,14228.5122,88320.9
Shopper Marketing (FSI's, Consumer Promotion)130,20023.8147,47525.377,48113.2
Direct Mail/ E-Mail Marketing42,5007.851,1218.828,8924.9
Experiential/Event Marketing10,8002.018,4503.224,6514.2
Social Media/WOM/Conversational Marketing1000.01,2000.224,0674.1
Search Marketing (Online)1280.012,4982.132,7235.6
Yellow Pages12,7002.312,0622.15,4030.9
Business-to-Business Media15,3002.86,3701.15,1340.9
Custom Publishing/Site Development2,7000.51,7110.31,6250.3
Offline Public Relations3,8000.74,5360.82,6140.4
Total Below the Line Promotion/Shopper Marketing390,42871.4421,56472.4325,47255.3
Source: Jack Myers Tomorrow Today© copyright 2015      
MyersBizNet, Jack Myers and employees accept no responsibility for any action(s) taken as a result of this forecast.
2020 are estimates.       
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