2010 Broadcast and Cable Network TV Upfront Marketplace Returns to 2008 Level

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Myers National Television 2010/2011 Upfront Marketplace Report
  Total $$$$  % Increase
     2010 2010 v 2009
Total Broadcast and Cable Networks$16,100 19.20%
Source: Jack Myers Media Business Report Upfront Market Analysis June 2010

As reported in this week's Jack Myers Media Business Report, the national broadcast and cable television marketplace grew 19% to 20% in this year's Upfront market compared to the depressed 2009 market. Broadcast costs-per-thousand growth slightly surpassed cable CPM increases, with demand strong across the board led by automotive, financial, entertainment, consumer packaged goods, health and beauty, and retail. Total broadcast and cable sales in this year's Upfront market, which covers the 2010/2011 TV season that begins in September, were $16.1 billion, which is exactly the total achieved by combined broadcast plus cable sales in the 2008 Upfront. Sales last year totalled $13.5 billion, a decline of nearly 20%. With industry attention and trade pundits constantly focused on digital media and their eroding impact on traditional television, marketers and agencies have clearly focused their attention on media's beachfront property and, through their Upfront spending, have reinforced their commitments to network television. The Upfront is only a partial predictor of national TV health but the growth and vitality of this year's market reinforces perceptions that the medium has regained its position as the advertisers' – and agencies' -- best friend.

Jack Myers Media Business Reportprojects broadcast network advertising revenue will increase 4.8% in calendar year 2010 and 2.0% in 2011, generating 2011 revenues of $18.0 billion. Cable network ad revenues are projected to increase 7.6% in 2010 and 5.0% in 2011, generating total 2011 revenues of $21.0 billion.

The detailed Jack Myers Upfront Investment Report and Datais available to Jack Myers Media Business Report corporate subscribers and can be accessed at www.jackmyers.com.

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