2015 Digital Ad Spend +24%; Legacy Ad Spend -5%. Individual Media Details Below

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Digital advertising spend will increase 24% to $54.5 billion in 2015 and will sustain average 21% annual growth through the end of the decade, according to new economic data published by MyersBizNet TomorrowToday. The total excludes search marketing, which is projected to grow 8.0% this year to $24.6 billion. The MyersBizNet total also excludes social marketing/promotional spending, which is forecast to increase 35% in 2015 to $9.2 billion, with average 24% annual growth through 2020. Including these two categories, 2015 digital media and marketing investments will total $88.3 billion.

The $54.5 digital advertising represents 30% of the total $181.0 billion that MyersBizNet projects marketers will invest in total advertising in 2015. MyersBizNet forecasts total advertising growth of 2.1% in 2015 and 9.1% growth in 2016, driven primarily by political and Olympics spending.

Digital advertising including search and social marketing represents 48% of the total advertising spend but only 15% of the total $570.5 billion in marketers' total communications investments, which include shopper marketing, trade promotion, event and direct marketing. Total legacy plus digital advertising represents 32% of all marketing communications investments. MyersBizNet forecasts digital advertising (excluding search and social marketing) in 2020 will increase to $137.5 billion, representing 52% of the total $263.5 billion marketers are projected to invest in advertising that year, the first year that digital ad spend will outpace legacy media ad investments.

MyersBizNet TomorrowToday members can access detailed 2014-2020 annual economic data and forecasts for 52 media and marketing communications categories at www.myersbiznet.com/economicforecasts or by e-mailing maryann@jackmyers.com.

MyersBizNet TomorrowToday 2015 Advertising Spending Forecast

MyersBizNetTomorrowToday2015 Advertising Spending Forecast
CategoryLegacy Advertising Digital Advertising
 $$% $$%
Broadcast Network TV16,328-5.8 2,40325.0
Cable/Satellite Network TV25,454-0.8 1,75030.0
Local & National Spot Broadcast TV19,321-12.3 1,17612.0
Local/Regional Cable TV4,660-8.2 20520.0
Broadcast Syndication2,036-6.0 13612.0
Cinema7683.5 115.0
Terrestrial Radio13,933-3.6 1,52718.0
Newspapers16,333-8.2 5,84215.0
Consumer Magazines12,344-6.8 2,67224.0
Out-of-Home/Place-Based (excl. cinema and OOH-V)7,1241.8 77920.0
Branded Entertainment/Product Placement7,3384.0   
Online Originated Video Content Advertising   3,68860.0
Digital Place-Based Video(excl. cinema)   1,0296.2
Interactive/VOD & Addressable   41380.0
Internet Originated Audio   1,64635.0
Media Directed Social/Promotion/Native/Sponsorships   10,21812.0
Online Originated Display (Banner)   7,047-6.0
Mobile & Apps (incl. Mobile Search)   11,97972.0
VideoGame Advertising/Virtual Currency   1,99012.0
Total126,600-5.2 54,50024.2
Total Legacy + Digital Advertising Spend 2015:  $181,100    
Source: MyersBizNet TomorrowToday 2015 Official Marketing/Advertising Spending Data and Forecasts 2014-2020


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