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No matter what social channel your brand is trying to capitalize on, use these quick tips to get ahead in the automotive industry .

1. Education + Information

Many consumers look to the Internet not only for good deals and coupons, but to learn. Sure, they may not want to read a 3 page essay about engine parts, but they certainly want to watch YouTube videos about how to take care of engines. There is plenty of information that the average consumer might not know about your products. For example, most people may not know why tire treads vary from company to company. Explaining what technology is behind the tread, and more importantly, how this tread affects their vehicle’s ride, is a huge educational and informational tool. What medium you choose to get the message out is where you can get creative – an infographic on Pinterest, a YouTube video, a Facebook post.

2. More Visuals

Per our latest post about Facebook’s new news feed , and the growing popularity of visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, there is one thing we know for sure: images are becoming increasingly more important. Creating high resolution images and sharing them frequently on your automotive brand’s social channels is a great way to drive up engagement. Bonus points for offering exclusive content on different channels.

3. User-Generated Content

What’s one of the best ways to create fresh, unique content with little-to-no work? Ask for it! Your consumers are already sharing photos, stories and recommendations on their social networks. Make your social channels forums for your consumers to upload their favorite shots of your product. Your marketing team can create images of cool muscle cars, but Dave from Colorado probably wants to share a picture of his muscle car. In turn, what you have is a social platform full of community engagement and participation. People who are active on brands’ social channels are much more likely to recall those interactions later when making a purchase. Similarly, people rely heavily on the opinions of others when purchasing goods and services. Creating a place for fans to share their stories about your products will create a positive experience for potential consumers who visit your page.

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