4A's Marla Kaplowitz on Investing in Talent Development and Retention -- Watch on Demand

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Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO of the advertising agency trade organization the 4A's, points out in our Legends & Leaders conversation for Black Talent Outreach Week October 17-20 that there are definitely more opportunities available in terms of creating opportunities with apprenticeships or internships, but "what I think is still lacking is the number of training programs to really develop the talent and the investment on an ongoing basis to really extend throughout the career." Marla shares advice and counsel, including specific organizations and initiatives, for both those early in their career and companies that recognize the need to invest in talent retention as well as attraction.

At the 4A's, she shares, "We have a very robust alumni community of four thousand, where we bring people together. We have a number of senior alums that come and really mentor and support the younger generation. And then we do a summit every year which tends to focus more on people in that mid-level where they really start to struggle and need that mentoring. You need that senior level support. And if you don't have people of color that are sponsoring those employee resource groups, what does it say about the organization? That's why it's so critical to be focusing in on how do you maintain the people in your organization, but also bring people from the outside from other creative fields to get them to see the benefits of a career in advertising and marketing communications."

For Marla's detailed observations about the state of diversity and inclusion in the advertising business, the efforts being made at every level, and how each individual can contribute to the success and advancement of others, view our full conversation above.

Originally published October 14, 2022.

The media and advertising community are hosting Black Talent Outreach Week October 17-20, live streamed at MediaVillage.com and AdvancingDiversity.org. Promote it to your teams and support the campaign with your recruitment initiative. Visitweek.advancingdiversity.org.

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