5 Questions to Ask as You Transform Your Business With IoT

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From revolutionizing the retail experience to reimagining healthcare to building the factory of the future, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are helping businesses across industries achieve transformative results. But getting the most value from next-generation technology starts with understanding how IoT technology can make the biggest difference for your customers and stakeholders, and what your organization is truly ready for. As your business prepares to take the next step in its IoT journey, here are five questions to consider.

  1. What are your objectives?

As IoT technology advances, it is creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses to optimize their operations, create efficiencies and improve customer experiences. But the only way to realize and scale these outcomes is to first articulate a comprehensive IoT strategy, and establish objectives with organizational alignment. For some businesses, IoT may be the key to unlocking new business opportunities. For others, it could help boost profit margins by increasing operational efficiencies.

Increasingly, businesses will leverage IoT to address the full range of their needs. The savviest leaders begin with the end in mind, and ensure that each facet of their enterprise is set up for IoT success.

  1. How ready is your organization to leverage the future of IoT?

Even today's most IoT-capable companies need to stay vigilant to successfully tap into the future of IoT. That's because "IoT readiness" extends far beyond each business's specific tech solutions and platforms. Preparing your business for the future of IoT includes creating a comprehensive and flexible data strategy, anticipating emerging security threats, and building and training a workforce optimized for an increasingly interconnected world, among other priorities. Most critically, businesses must build these competencies while communicating progress across the organization so that each department can work in lockstep.

  1. Where are you on the capability continuum?

Next-generation technology, such as Intel's IoT Market-Ready Solutions, can help businesses across the capability continuum quickly harness the IoT firepower needed to realize transformative results. But given the constantly-evolving nature of the IoT landscape, the smartest leaders relentlessly take stock of their organization's capabilities to optimize strengths and neutralize weaknesses. Intel's ready-to-deploy solutions also enable businesses to take advantage of a wide range of ecosystem partners to not only achieve immediate results, but also lay the foundation for future successes.

  1. How will your existing platforms play in the sandbox?

For IoT to make the biggest impact, constellations of complicated systems must work seamlessly together. At Intel, technologists are keenly aware of how various hardware and software environments contribute to performance and have built our solutions accordingly. Solutions are optimized for existing environments and use cases, as well as for potential upstream and downstream systems.

  1. Do you have the flexibility to handle the data workloads of today and tomorrow?

As the volume of IoT-generated data stored, processed, and acted on at the edge grows, businesses able to handle data-intensive workloads will be well-positioned to increase performance and productivity. In addition to being vetted and ready to deploy, Intel's IoT Market-Ready Solutions are designed to scale with a business's data needs and opportunities. With their deep rosters of ecosystem partners, these solutions can help a customer quickly move past the pilot stage, continue to adapt to changing needs, and achieve their full potential.

In Sum

  • Getting the most value from Internet of Things (IoT) technology starts with understanding how it can make the biggest difference for your customers and stakeholders, and what your organization is truly ready for.
  • As your business prepares to take the next step in its IoT journey, consider the following: your business's objectives; your organization's readiness; your organization's IoT capabilities; the existing platforms that must integrate with new systems; and how flexible your organization must be to bridge the needs of today and tomorrow.

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