The Female Quotient's Equality Lounge @ Advertising Week 2021:

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Whether your team is hybrid, remote or back in the office, one thing is clear -- the future of work has arrived. Join as we dive into the impact the global disruption has had across the advertising industry from our stance on social issues, to the way we go to market, to the manner in which we lead. In the Virtual Equality Lounge at Advertising Week New York, The Female Quotient is proud to gather industry leaders and influencers for three days of powerful, unscripted conversations. Don’t miss it!

Featured sessions include: The Great Returnship: Leading with Empathy; The Messy Middle Got Messier: How To Support Mothers in the Workplace Post-Pandemic; Making Progress Permanent: Delivering on D&I Objectives; Leveraging Inclusive Media to Make Your Brand Shine, and many more. We hope you'll tune in!

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