Premium Programmatic 360 Will Focus on People-Based Marketing

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Outstanding marketing makes an impact on people. The goal of the communications we as advertisers craft for our audiences is, ultimately, to motivate them. We seek to inspire emotion, thought, and, at the end of the day, action. But great creative is only a part of stimulating an audience. What truly drives impact is even simpler: It comes from delivering the right message at the right moment to the right person.

This sounds simple enough, but if you've been in the industry for any length of time, you know it hasn't been quite that easy. Targeting an ad view to a specific, unique consumer requires both a marketer and a publisher to recognize that person in real time when he or she lands on a site, and then to agree on the value that person represents as an ad view. Both parties also need to understand where that person is in the communications cycle with a brand to ensure the best possible message is shared.

Until now, even though just this type of targeting has long been the promise of the digital world, it hasn't really been possible. However, true to the era of change we live in, the capabilities are finally catching up with the rhetoric, and the advent of true people-based marketing seems to actually be dawning.

We are on the cusp of a sea change in capabilities that will profoundly impact the way we are able to communicate with our audiences from here on out. This is happening because, thanks in particular to advances in programmatic capabilities and new standards, we are at the point where users can be identified as individuals -- as unique people -- whenever they appear on a digitally connected device, be it a website, app, television or anything else.

No longer must impressions be used as a proxy for that person. Now, in real time, a site and a brand can agree on who a person is when they arrive. This enables a whole new type of conversation to be had with an audience member, based on that user's unique preferences, behaviors and specific relationship with a brand.

The programmatic technology that enables people-based marketing provides deeper advantages, as well. It connects agencies and brands directly with publishers, allowing a site's audience to be treated as a direct market. This has major ramifications, not least of which is cutting out middlemen who add technical complexity and cost, but little value.

For marketers, people-based marketing means being able to engage in scripted conversations with their audience on the specific terms preferred by each individual person they wish to communicate with. It represents the ability to identify their audience across both medium and device and present the information that best advances the marketing dialogue.

The impact is just as great for publishers. Once a site is made up of real individuals (instead of impression counts) each ad view has true value. There are no such things as remnant consumers.

The impact of people-based marketing -- and what it means to advertisers, agencies, brands, ad tech and consumers -- will be profound. And while the value it offers is clear, the precise way it will unfold, how it will be used and who will lead the charge are still very much in discussion.

This is precisely why people-based marketing is the theme of this year's Premium Programmatic 360, which is being held in New York City on December 1. Presented by Sonobi and Fast Company, Premium Programmatic 360 2016 will focus on why and how the business of paid media is about to go through a major evolution. Ultimately, it will address the shift of static, impression-driven models to more effective, people-based media planning, targeting and delivery. It is a chance for the marketing and ad tech community – buyers, sellers and developers – to explore together how to create truly meaningful engagement, while examining what today's rapidly evolving media landscape means for all of us.

A wide range of topics will be discussed by experts and debated by industry leaders, including:

  • Impressions to People: Setting a New Standard for Paid Media, a panel which explores what it takes to create an ecosystem guided by people-based, upfront, real-time planning and delivery.
  • People-Based Audience: The Difference Is In the Details, which looks at the sources of data used for people-based marketing on both the buy and sell side, and takes a deep look into the benefits, risks, and opportunities this new paradigm offers.
  • People-Based Media vs Publisher Tech Stack, examines the technical aspects of enabling direct-to-audience communications.
  • Bid vs Buy: Programmatic Needs to Evolve, looks at where the advertising industry needs to invest across channels and formats to drive greater brand ROI.

It is one thing to sit back and watch where the industry is going. Premium Programmatic 360, and other events like it, provide an opportunity to be part of the conversation that is driving the change. Anyone with a deep interest in just where the future of marketing is heading can request an invite here.

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