Programmatic: Marketers Shifting from Implementation to Education

The Myers Report
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A new Media Supply Chain Study from The Myers Report conducted among advertiser and agency executives suggests that, to a large extent, agency programmatic systems are established and the focus has moved on to data and education over the programmatic pipes. 44% of marketing executives with responsibility for adtech and data say they’ve been properly prepared for a programmatic and data-driven world.  The Myers Report infographic below reflects 18 data points from the study.

Although 67% of agency execs believe they have been sufficiently trained to be effective on programmatic, continuing education is a key industry priority, with 89% of brand marketers and 86% of agency respondents agreeing that additional educational tools and data on programmatic would increase their competence and preparation. Most notably for media sales organizations, 84% of respondents believe that ideas should drive media strategy enhanced by data and 69% disagree with the statement “in an always on environment, media partnerships are less important.”




For more data and analytics visit The Myers Report's detailed data and forecasts will soon be available to MediaVillage member companies at Members may contact to request password access. You can download the full infograph below.

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