Simon Fenwick of the 4A's on the State of D-E-I-B in Advertising (VIDEO)

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In the Legends & Leaders video above, Jack Myers' talks with Simon Fenwick, Executive Vice President Talent, Equity and Inclusion for the advertising agency trade organization 4A's and head of the 4A's Foundation. Simon is being inducted next week into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors along with his colleague, 4A's President Marla Kaplowitz. On Thursday, September 23 from noon to 2 p.m. ET Hall of Honors inductees will respond to questions during the advertising and media community Gen-Z Town Hall Assembly as part of more than 80 industry leaders participating in Advancing Diversity Week.

The 4A's industry leadership in building D-E-I solutions for the agency business has helped to redefine the role and responsibilities of trade organizations across the spectrum of industry trade associations. Following the mantra that building, retaining and developing a diverse workforce drives economic growth, Fenwick has focused his efforts on identifying and supporting the implementation of programs such as the State of D-E-I-B and Culture. The "B" stands for "Belonging," the content focus of the four-day Advancing Diversity Week program and a key priority for Fenwick.

As a self-identified he/him/his disabled L(G)BT professional, the Kenyan-born and New Zealand-raised agency veteran brings to his role a perspective emphasizing best practices and workplace enlightenment that elevates him to one of the industry's most influential leaders. He takes viewers behind the scenes in the future planning and industry priorities for advancing a diverse workforce.

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