Video: Jack Myers' Passion and Purpose Interview with Lee Nadler

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In Jack Myers’ newest video series Passion and Purpose he explores the secret and not-so-secret passions of today’s media executives.  In candid one-on-one conversations, Jack unearths the personal passions that inspire their dreams, spark their curiosity, drive them to become better versions of themselves, allow for creative expression and fill their lives with meaning and a sense of purpose.

In this first installment, Jack meets with Lee Nadler, Marketing at MINI U.S. and creator of the web site The Sherpa Path to learn about his adventures in Nepal and the impact that trip had on his life.  On his month-long trek to Mount Everest, Lee was inspired by the Sherpa people who overcame -- and help others overcome -- seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve success time and time again.  Lee keeps the "Sherpa Spirit" alive at home in New York City as he leads others to find inspiration for reaching their own “Summit of Success.”

In our video (at top), Lee shares insights from his journey, discusses the importance of perspective and drills down on how to apply that lesson in daily life. Finally, he leads Jack and viewers on the guided S.H.E.R.P.A.* meditation he created and shares with others on his blog.

* Shhh, Hear, Experience, Realize, Purpose, Action

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