A Two-Point Conversion for Marketers Just in Time for NFL Season

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Pricing is no reason for a marketing fumble this NFL season. Advertisers can now sell their products and services to NFL fans even if their brand doesn’t make it into the stadium. We call it the two-point out-of-home (OOH) advertising conversion: location plus smart demographics and behavioral data. Now, both local and national brands can develop highly-targeted campaigns on roadside billboards and street level media that reach a captive, loyal fan base right outside the stadium and other live sporting event broadcasts. Moreover, this is a great way to pre-empt the competition that’s spending big on in-stadium advertising.

Location, Location, Location

Sports fans, like other consumers, spend over 70 percent of their time outside their homes. What’s more, NFL fans drive more miles per week on average than other adults (174 miles vs. 158). More miles means they’re more likely to see OOH ads. At Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) we’ve mapped our out-of-home inventory within a five-mile radius of 19 different NFL stadiums.This means businesses and opposing sponsors are just a mile away from reaching their intended audiences with a highly-visible message that’s always above the fold.

CCOA’s inventory over indexes for NFL fans within a five-mile radius of 19 different stadiums.

Demographic Targeting that’s Really Smart and Tailored to Your Customer

We’ve studied sports fans, analyzed their behaviors and matched their collective travel patterns against our billboards and other inventory. And our new measurement solutions give insight into what happens after a consumer segment sees an ad on our billboards.

The same precise targeting that made mobile advertising so successful now enables OOH campaigns to compete thanks to its own highly-targeted and measurable ad campaigns. Just this spring, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas introduced RADAR, the industry’s first digital audience measurement solution for campaign planning and measurement. RADAR enables marketers to use the same kinds of sophisticated audience segmentation, targeting and insights they already use in their digital campaigns and apply them to OOH advertising. Targeting anonymous aggregated groups of consumers, RADAR can statistically estimate travel patterns so marketers can reach the highest concentrations of their desired audience segments.

OOH now has the power to integrate location-based mobile data that links target audience, behavior patterns, location data and results so marketers know what’s working and where it’s working. Impressions are tied to audience demographics and to audience behavior. This is advertising infused with digital insights, providing better data on who’s seeing an ad and ultimately revealing the full ROI of the campaign.

Calling All NFL Fans

So whether it’s NFL fans or soccer moms, OOH can drive each of these groups to the point of sale at local restaurants or stores near the stadium.

Consider a tech communication company’s recent campaign to drive NFL fans to a mobile app for live game streaming. Focusing on key NFL games, the company leveraged the true big screens (OOH) outside the stadium and throughout select markets to drive customers to an online second screen experience. This campaign was two-pronged and both market and team specific, promoting all games with an emphasis on the home team, whether playing at home or away.

In one activation, ads ran in OOH specifically on game day driving customers to feed their football hunger with live streaming action on their mobile devices. The second OOH advertising tactic featured specific head-to-head matchups for the week around key stadiums. The ad creative featured “in market” teams for a few hours leading up to and while the game was in progress, to reach fans outside the arena. The remainder of the day, OOH ads featured all games that had yet to be played or were in progress.

It worked for this brand and it can work for other local, regional and national advertisers, too. By investing marketing dollars in advertising near stadiums and along nearby routes, brands can go beyond the stadium and engage with fans before they enter the arena, while they’re out picking up the fixings for the big game, or on their drive home. Now that’sa winning combination.

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