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This week on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live, Karina Marinha gives us the lowdown on a different kind of dating app, called Hater.

While most dating websites ask you to fill out a profile and match you based on mutual likes or friends in common, Hater has garnered press and sign-ups worldwide for a more distinctive approach.

Hater asks users to swipe and share their opinions on a wide range of topics. You can hate on everything from slow walkers, to paying extra for guacamole, to different political issues and more. You swipe down to show that you hate something, swipe up if you love it, swipe to the right if you like it, and swipe to the left if you dislike it.

Using that data, Hater's algorithm then identifies matches for you to look through. Naturally, when you look through your suggested dates, you can often see the person's top most-hated thing immediately.

Hater actually follows a trend that Mindshare's been tracking, called My World, The World. While research shows that more and more adults are becoming satisfied with the direction of their personal lives, people are feeling much more negatively about the world overall. There's a widening gulf between people's perceptions of their individual lives versus how alarmed they feel about the direction of society.

For brands and marketers, you can look to find creative ways to cut the tension and play in both worlds in your campaigns, the way Hater does.

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