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This week on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live, Rachel Lowenstein looks at some of the new ways brands are using virtual reality.

A virtual road trip in South Korea? We're're not making this up. When visiting the Innisfree store at Disneyland Shanghai, you can choose what goes into your makeup products by going on a virtual journey to Korea's Jeju Island. This is the place where the brand grows their eco-conscious ingredients. Riding through a virtual version of the real place, you can pick up bottles of ingredients simply by looking at them as you bike through the island.

A complete immersive experience is a great way for a  brand like this to reinforce its dedication to natural products. In fact, psychologists have found that using more of our senses increases engagement and memory of content. That's why many brands are blurring the lines between the real  and virtual worlds. This trend, which we at Mindshare call Sensorialism, puts our senses to the test and grabs our attention with creatively infused tech.

In another example, McDonald's UK launched their "Follow Our FoodSteps" campaign earlier this year. The program used a 360-degree video to show how their food ingredients are grown, produced and prepared.

Campaigns like these are a great way to show off brand transparency, and they serve as a new entry point for marketers to create memorable, multi-sensorial content. So if you're a brand trying to grab the attention of a fickle consumer, try going off the beaten path and into virtual experience. You never know what you might find on the other side.

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