The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: Elaine's shoes were BOTICELLI's

FIRST THREE: David Gorin, Bob Kaplan and Cyndi Greeley were the only 3 people that knew this one! I thought you guys were big time Seinfeld trivia people...Oh well.

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5

Modern Family-ABC 4.7/12.2

The Voice-NBC 3.7/10.4

Criminal Minds-CBS 3.0/12.0Kristy Carruba

Suburgatory-ABC 2.9/7.6

The Middle-ABC 2.8/9.1

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

The X Factor-FOX 927,663

The Voice-NBC 193,384

Modern Family-ABC 53,387

Supernatural-CW 34,181

Criminal Minds-CBS 32,068

Wednesday's Cable Top 5

Duck Dynasty-A&E 1.8/3.6

American Horror Story-FX 1.5/2.6

Moonshiners-Discovery 1.5/3.0

South Park-Comedy Central 1.2/2.1

The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.2/2.6

Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

Duck Dynasty-A&E 110,845

American Horror Story-FX 108,801

South Park-Comedy Central 58,462

Moonshiners-Discovery 40,739

Key & Peele-Comedy Central 17,142

Finally, I got to watch The Vampire Diaries live on the CW, on channel 11 here in NY. My TV life is back to normal. I can't believe how much was packed into this week's episode, so much that I hope I can make sense of it all. Elena's miserable being a vampire and Stefan wants to help herVampire+Diaries so he makes a deal with Klaus to deliver Connor the Vampire Hunter alive to him so that they can get the cure to Vampirism and save Elena. Of course Stefan doesn't tell Damon about the deal. So when Stefan gets Connor, Damon wants to kill him so rather than let that happen, Stefan lets Connor go and Damon performs the squeeze a heart thing and Stefan fills Damon in on the deal. Of course by this time, it's too late because Elena has already killed Connor because she's a crazed, scared, depressed, miserable newbie Vampire. Killing Connor sets off a chain reaction and we learn DUN DUN DUN (hope you can here that in your head) that Jeremy IS the next Vampire Hunter. So basically in order to find a cure for Vampirism, Jeremy has to kill a bunch of vampires which sucks (no pun intended) since everyone he knows and loves is a vampire. Tangled web huh?

Bonnie and the professor (who got that reference?) are trying to get her witchcraft mojo back, but I'm betting he's secretly hypnotizing her with his crazy tea So far all he's done is had her take her earring off and light up a million candles. I'm sensing this is just the beginning. The new chick, April's already on my last nerve. We better find out why she suddenly keeps showing up around town soon. Elena only ruined one outfit this week with all of her blood and if all of those secrets weren't enough, Tyler and Hailey have a huge one...they are on a mission to help other hybrids go against Klaus. Note to the producers: I don't want to complain, because I LOVE THIS SHOW, but more Caroline and less clothing. Thanks

Survivor - HOLY FREAKIN COW...I just can't believe how unbelievable Survivor was. Forget the Survivorreward challenge, doesn't matter who won. What mattered was that for the first time ever Penner won immunity which set the ball rolling for the craziest pre-tribal roller coaster ride and then the most insane tribal council I've ever seen. Almost every single person's name came up as a possible option to vote out. All idols were revealed and NONE were actually played and the guy who I didn't think would get voted out was. SPOILER ALERT: Jeff the unknown MLB MVP and man was he pissed. Blair Warner has done a complete 180 in this game. I have no idea what can happen and neither does Probst or the tribe. I was truly, truly blown away by this episode.

All of the singing competition shows are starting to blur together for me. There's just to many and I think I'm hearing the same songs over and over, but anyway on The Voice: CeeLo was wearing a crazy red leopard capey thing, I loved Droopy's make up last night. I'm guessing the name of her red lipstick was "Dorothy's Slippers." I'd hate to be the guy she's going home with and have to try to get that stuff off my body parts.

Team Adam: America chose:Amanda Brown & Bryan Keith and then Adam saved Melanie the The+Voicebow girl with the 50/50 hair. Jocelyn and Lauren went home I'm bummed, I don't like 50/50 bow girl at all.

And then, a musical interlude: First was Adam and Maroon 5 who sang "Daylight" one of my faves from the Overexposed CD . The band was all dressed in mechanic blue. Adam looked like he could change the carburetor on my Acura, then to keep the suspense going, Jermaine Paul from last season debuted his new song which was fine, but I really just wanted to cut to the chase and get on with the votes.

Team Blake: America chose: Terry McDermott & Cassadee Pope and then Blake saved Michaela. Julio & Liz were sent packing. Again, I wasn't happy keeping Michaela, I don't like her and her triangle hair either.

Another musical interlude...OY just get to it already, can they drag it out any longer? Team Drooptina: America chose: Dez (not for his voice that's for sure), Sylvia Yacoub (my choice) and then Droopy saved Adriana which was a shocker. I totally thought that De'borah would go through. Again, I'm bummed, I liked De'borah.

Team CeeLo: America chose: Trevyn Hunte & Nicholas David and then CeeLo chose to save Cody Belew. Makenzie and Diego were on the next flight home and that choice I was fine with.

When Rob Lowe is a main part of the Parks & Recreation storyline, I'm LITerally happier. Chris Parks+%26+Recreationhas been a mess since entering therapy, he seems to be happy/sad, but I think we all know what would make him happy/happy would be if he finally got some busy with Ann Perkins. Ben's parents who HATE each other showed up for Ben and Leslie's engagement party. Glenn Headley played his Mom and Mike from Breaking Bad was back as his dad and we got an added twist, Ben's dad's young emotionless miserable girlfriend Ulani is preggers. I learned the difference between Twizzlers and Red Vines and that Leslie has a thing for Joe Biden and unity quilts. As always dumb grin on my face for all 22 minutes.

X Factor in a nutshell: One Direction performed "Live While We're Young", crowd went nuts, (I did too, I'm a Zayn fan), awkward interview with the band, awkward Drew Brees clip, KKO had worn major spanx and kept belly button nicely hidden, Mario was hot, Demi looked amazing, Britney look less trailer parky, a review of last night's performances, 6 acts put through, One Direction history X+Factorfootage review, One D performed again, crowd went nuts again, (I did too again) 4 more acts were put through, Cece and Jason sang for Survival. Cece kicked butt, Jason didn't, judges were tied, America sent home SPOILER ALERT: Jason. New thing...rankings revealed Tate Stevens at number one. (My pick, Carly Rose is in the #2 spot)

One giant SPOILER ALERT: Glee was back and the auditions for Grease have begun. I'm pretty sure I can recite the entire movie by heart, no joke. Blaine sang "Hopelessly Devoted to You" did I. Lots of controversy over Wade/Unique the cross gender kid playing Rizzo, but he/she got the part. Harry's back and I'm not sure I caught why. Finn found the new Finn where Mr. Shu found him...on the football field, and he's going to play Danny Zuko which is perfect because my current favorite, Marley got the part of Sandy and they are cute together. Is it me or does she have really good hair? Best casting choice made by Finn, Kitty as Patty Simcox. Coach Beast should now be called Dr. Beast or Preacher Beast because now that she herself is no longer in an abusive relationship, she's able to provide great relationship advice which is a real stretch for me. Pretty sure that Glee officially jumped the shark when Mr. Shu replaced himself with Finn as substitute Glee club Gleedirector while goes to Washington to fight for Glee clubs. While I did miss the NYC component of the show this week, Grease is a good way to get me to care about McKinley again. Did I mention that I love Grease?


*IFC's Portlandia premiere's 1/4/13. I tried, I really did, still don't get does nothing for me.

*The Carrie Diaries premiere's 1/14/13 on the CW. That one I'm excited for.

*Chicago Fire receiveda full season order congrats if you're into it, I'm not.

*Whitney received an order for an additional 4 episodes. I'm happy for Whit, I like the show and Roxanne's clothes.

*Showtime will be ending The Big C with a 4 part mini event (can't seem to confirm when this will take place

*Top 5 web video destinations for September: YouTube, Yahoo, Vevo, AOL & Facebook

*Top 5 video sites based on time spent viewing: Netflix, (11 hours) Hulu, (4.1 hours) YouTube, (4 hours) Gorilla, (3.5 hours) and UStream ( 2 hours)

*Top 5 websites for September: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube and MSN

*Top website based on time spent: Facebook with 6 hours and 40 minutes

*Top 5 games on Facebook: Farmville2, Texas HoldEm Poker, Chefville, Bubble Safari & Zynga Slingo

According to Nielsen: -162 million Americans watched online video in September

-They streamed 25.8 billion videos

-The average amount of videos streamed in September was 159 streams per viewer which seams really high to me

-The average American spent 7 hours of the month consuming online video

Friday's Trivia Question: Tough one...let's see who knows this one...Where did Roseanne live and work?

Have a great weekend!

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