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Advertiser Report

Across Platforms reports on hundreds of the biggest advertisers (and their store locations) in the United States television markets by broadcast network, broadcast TV owner, Census data, and other criteria through bar charts, pie charts, and other KPI reports


Hearst Deliver 1,126 Toyota, Chrysler, and Ford Dealers to ME-TV


Hearst's Boston WCVB & WMUR deliver a total of 187 of Toyota, Chrysler, and Ford dealers in the Boston market. More ammunition as ME-TV goes for the national spot business from automotive. Click for Interactive Report


KTIV-TV 4 NBC Sioux City Launches ME-TV on June 6th


Quincy Newspapers NBC affiliate in Sioux City (KTIV) launches ME-TV today. This summer ME-TV is also getting five new shows Adam -12, Dragnet, The Lucy Show, Leave it to Beaver, and Ironside. Click for Interactive Report


ME-TV Missing Out on Detroit's 397 Car Dealer Ad Budgets


With automotive being the number one, and car dealers being the 5th highest ranking, these advertising categories (by the TVB) for local spot sales Detroit is a critical city for ME-TV. Key city to get in front of the national budgets. Click for Interactive Report


Raycom Media Shares 438 Ford Dealerships with Sinclair


Raycom and Sinclair have overlapping stations in about 10 million households (some homes counted twice for duopolies). In February Sinclair reported auto advertising up 6.4% thus putting pressure on Raycom. Click for Interactive Report

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Across Platforms, Inc. (, located in Boston, is a television services firm that provides consulting, distribution, content licensing, and application development services to marketers and programmers. The company’s free newsletters (Subchannel Report, Home Shopping Industry Report, and Advertiser Report) are read weekly by thousands of industry members.

How we collect our data

For some TV market lists, counties, cable system data, and downloadable station coverage maps, a small sample of the data we use for the reports includes, and

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We make every effort to present the most accurate information to subscribers of the Subchannel Report and Advertiser Report.

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