Advancing D-E-I-B: Join Industry Leaders on April 11 as We Recognize the First Responders Focused on Our Community's Health and Well-Being

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An Unmissable Opportunity for Corporate Sponsorship

The Event

On April 11, New York City's Hall des Lumiéres will be the backdrop for a pivotal event in the advertising supported media community: The Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors Induction Experience. This exclusive fund-raising event is not just an evening of recognition and celebration; it's a powerful opportunity for corporate entities to align themselves with an essential cause for advancing our community's health and growth. It's a testament to the tireless efforts of DEIB leaders within the advertising and media industry. Sixteen individuals from fourteen organizations will be honored, joining the ranks of 36 members previously inducted. Inductees are leaders from Disney Advertising, General Motors, McDonald's Corporation, Mattel, Reckitt, MAGNA Global, Horizon Media, A+E Networks, Alma Advertising, Walton Isaacson Advertising, ANA/AIMM, FUTURE NOW, AD CLUB & International ANDY Awards, BOLD CULTURE.

The Cause

The Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors is the primary fund-raising event for the MediaVillage Education Foundation, a dedicated 501c3 nonprofit. This foundation is instrumental in fueling the growth of advertising-supported media through a variety of services supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) leaders, including diversity activism, educational scholarships, college loan relief, online learning resources, free thought leadership DEIB advocacy publishing, a free resume submission talent acquisition platform, and much more.

The Impact

MediaVillage stands at the forefront in its commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion across the marketing ecosystem. The Hall of Honors event offers the community's only annual opportunity to recognize and celebrate DEIB leaders for their tireless efforts and commitment as first responders focused on the health and well-being of their colleagues, organizations, and the advertising industry. The term "first responders" is typically associated with emergency services personnel like firefighters, paramedics, and police officers, who are the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, accident, or natural disaster. However, in the context of DEIB professionals within organizations, this term is metaphorically appropriate and serves to underscore the critical and often immediate role these individuals play in the corporate environment. DEIB professionals are, in a sense, the first line of defense and support in managing a range of personnel challenges within an organization. Just like emergency first responders, they are often the first to confront and address situations that require immediate attention and specialized expertise.

From brand marketers and media agencies to content publishers and industry suppliers, MediaVillage's reach is across the marketing ecosystem. Initiatives funded through the Hall of Honors event are not just about community building but also about conducting an annual industry-wide health check-up, spearheaded by The Myers Report. This study gathers extensive data used by companies and the industry to assess their comparative strengths and needs in talent retention, job satisfaction, knowledge gaps, learning requirements, and the dynamics affecting their business growth and diversity goals.

The Opportunity for Sponsors

Corporate sponsorship for this event starts at $2,000, a modest investment considering the visibility and association with such a vital cause. With more than 400 guests anticipated, including industry leaders and influencers, the event offers unparalleled networking and brand exposure opportunities.

Why Sponsor?

1. Brand Alignment with Diversity and Inclusion: Showcasing your brand as a supporter of DEIB initiatives reflects positively on your corporate values.

2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with top industry professionals and leaders.

3. Visibility: Leverage the event to showcase your brand to a targeted audience.

4. Social Responsibility: Contribute to the growth and health of the advertising-supported media industry.

The Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors Induction Experience is more than an event; it's a movement. By sponsoring this event, corporations can play a crucial role in advancing diversity and inclusivity in the media and advertising industry. This is an invitation to be part of something transformative - an opportunity to make a meaningful impact while gaining significant corporate benefits. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities at or connect directly with Robin Wallace at

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