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A Note from Jack Myers

At TED2006, speaker Tony Robbins discussed the "invisible forces" that motivate everyone's actions, and commented “It’s not about the success you aspire to or will achieve. It’s about what you can accomplish with the success you have already achieved.” His comment set me on a path that has altered my career and my life. Since then, I’ve written books focused on the importance of diversity, on recognizing and acknowledging the positive impact of the women’s movement, on the resulting implications for young men, and why we must support and encourage a new generation that embraces diversity as their reality.

I’ve launched to foster community within our industry, Women in Media Mentoring and to advance dual mentoring and to support women at all stages of their lives and career, to advance and support our industry’s efforts to attract and retain young people with an emphasis on diversity, and FutureofMen Movement to advocate for rejecting the negative patriarchy and redefining masculinity. Throughout my career, I’ve been proud to advance diversity in my own hiring practices and have mentored women and culturally diverse colleagues, many of whom are now our industry’s leaders.  My leadership of the IRTS Foundation and participation as a foundation trustee for She Runs It are dedicated to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Through the Advancing Diversity Honors, we have an opportunity to acknowledge those who are dedicated to the positive advance of diversity in our community; to demonstrate and promote media, marketing and advertising as a welcoming home for all young people beginning their careers; and to raise funds for our industry’s non-profit organizations that support and advance diversity in many forms. I hope you’ll join as a partner for Advancing Diversity.




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