Announces Four Immediate Actions to End Systemic Bias in Media Industry

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MediaVillage and founder Jack Myers has published a call to action to the media industry with "Black Leaders Matter: Four Immediate Actions to End Systemic Bias in the Media Business."

"Since the launch of and the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors in 2017, our mantra has been Advancing Diversity from Advocacy to Activism," said Myers. "As we move beyond talk to action, our founding principles need to take a giant leap forward once again, and shift To Activism and Results. We must no longer confuse laurels, honors, awards, financial contributions, and industry accolades, presented mostly to Anglo-executives, with results-driven leadership."

Here are four immediately measurable actions recommended in Myers' "Black Leaders Matters" post at

  1. RE-ALLOCATE MEDIA SPEND TO APPROPRIATELY (AND DISPROPORTIONATELY) VALUE ETHNIC MEDIA BUYING. Shift media budgets to BET, TV One, Univision, Telemundo, Essence, OZY and other ethnically focused media companies. In the process, correct the systemic cost-per-thousand inequities these media organizations have long been forced to accept.
  1. END AGEISM BIAS IN MEDIA BUYING. If the consumer target demographic is 55+, media buying criteria should transparently and honestly reflect that demo.
  1. ELIMINATE "BLACKLIST" AND "WHITELIST" FROM LANGUAGE AND FROM MEDIA BUYS.Brand marketers have the right to delete websites and media content from their media buys based on any number of criteria. Those criteria should not include race, creed, or color. The first step is to eliminate the unconscious bias built into the language of "blacklist" and "whitelist".
  1. EMPOWER BLACK LEADERSHIP. This topic is covered extensively in The Myers Report data charts* culled from research among 700 media and advertising professionals and shared at – The Black/White Divide. Only 1.6% -- that's not a typographical error – of males in the media agency business and 5.0% of females are Black. The immediate solution is to proactively and immediately move diverse professionals into positions of responsibility, authority, and visibility. If there are no Black leaders to elevate, it calls attention to an even greater corporate concern – one that demands hiring action.

Myers adds: "By advancing four immediately applicable specific actions we can help end the systemic bias that permeates the media and advertising business. Through these actions, the media and advertising community can take action steps toward cultural and business leadership, immediately reverse flawed business models that are a negative drag on growth, and uproot the conscious and unconscious racism that is deeply engrained across our society, culture, politics, business world and advertising community."

In addition, MediaVillage and is inviting industry members to amplify their messages in support of Black Leadership Matters by publishing their own personal and corporate commentaries at the new Advancing Diversity from Advocacy to Activism section.

Articles already posted include "Reimagining a Better Future for All" by Johanna Zeilstra, CEO of Gender Fair; "A 'Black Heart' Full of Love" by Tim Wasicki, OUTFRONT's NYC Regional Creative Director; " 'Black Lives Matter' Should Be Obvious" by CableFax founder/MediaVillage columnist Paul S. Maxwell; "An Urgent Call for Change from Advertising and Marketing Professionals," by Philip McKenzie, host of the Deep Dive podcast / MediaVillage columnist; "Comcast Cable – Message from CEO David Watson"; "May 25, 2020: A Date and a Choice", by former CIA senior officer Kent M. Harrington/MediaVillage columnist; and "Where Do We Go From Here?" by Judy Courtney, VP Human Resources, NY Interconnect.

For the data charts* that are in the "Black Leaders Matters" article, go to:

Also, part of initiatives is the previously announced Media Industry Advancing Diversity & Economic Relief Fund. For details go to One of the main platforms for raising capital for the Relief Fund has been Jack Myers' Leadership Conversations for Renewal and Growth. Individuals and corporations may make tax-deductible contributions at and by texting to "GIVE" to 860.406.4919. Contributions are directed to 12 non-profit organizations and initiatives selected by the Advancing Diversity Council, comprised of 40 senior industry leaders.

To learn more, go to and click on "Leadership Conversations" to play back past conversations available On Demand. The remainder of the conversations take place live at 1:00pm Eastern Time and include on Thursday, June 25: Michael Roth, Chairman and CEO, Interpublic Group. Link to attend: An Insider's Look at the Advertising and Media Business – Top to Bottom; on Wednesday, July 15: Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer, Regal and Cliff Marks, National Cinemedia president. Link to attend: Preview the New Cinema Experience for Audiences and Brands; and on Thursday, July 16: Michael Nathanson – Lead Analyst, MoffettNathanson for the latest industry economic Forecast. Link to attend: Economic Look Back to April 15 and Forward to 2021.

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