Advertisers Rate TV Sales Organizations on Upfront Presentations

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As the Upfront presentation and negotiation season swings into prime time, with more than 75 planned events on the MediaBizBloggers Upfront Calendar , the ad community rated 65 national TV and digital video sales organizations based on the effectiveness of their Upfront Presentations and Negotiations in 2012. Following are the Top 30 performing networks based on the percentage of respondents (familiar with each organization) rating each organization 4/5 on a five point performance scale. Scroll down for additional commentary.

Jack Myers Media Business Report
Survey of Advertising Executives

Effective Upfront Presentation & Negotiations
Sales OrganizationTotal RespondentsClient ExecutivesTV Planners/BuyersDigital Planners/Buyers
 %Rank%Rank%Rank% Rank
Turner Entertainment Sales (TBS/TNT) 67.6%461.5%969.5%365.3%7
Adult Swim/Cartoon Network 66.1%564.0%865.1%681.0%1
ESPN Customer Marketing & Sales65.6%671.4%462.8%7T66.0%6
Discovery Channel 65.5%768.4%565.3%566.7%4
ABC Family 60.8%8T42.8%2662.8%7T48.9%24T
MTV Entertainment Group (Comedy Central, Spike, CMT, TV Land)  60.8%8T75.0%258.5%1163.0%9
MTV Kids & Family (Nickelodeon)  59.0%1077.3%151.8%2566.6%5
Fox Entertainment Cable Networks (FX, NatGeo) 57.4%1160.0%1055.0%1658.2%13
Turner Sports56.4%1257.5%1156.3%1455.8%17
Scripps (Food Network & Cooking Channel) 56.0%1353.2%12T58.1%1261.7%10T
Scripps (Travel Channel & GAC) 55.9%1448.4%1759.3%1058.8%12
USA  53.9%1643.2%2457.3%1356.0%16
A & E 53.7%1745.9%2056.1%1548.9%24T
Bravo 53.1%1847.3%1853.5%1851.0%23
MTV Music & Logo Group  52.1%19T44.4%2253.0%20T53.4%18
Scripps (HGTV & DIY) 52.1%19T39.4%3053.6%1763.7%8
History Channel  51.8%21T50.0%1652.8%22T47.6%27
NBC Sports Networks51.8%21T53.2%12T53.4%1935.7%38
AMC/WE/IFC  50.5%2338.7%3353.0%20T45.7%29
The Weather Channel49.7%2439.1%3252.8%22T51.7%22
TLC - The Learning Channel 47.4%2642.9%2550.3%2656.1%15
Fox News46.8%2715.0%4452.5%2438.5%35
Fox Sports Networks44.5%2838.2%3445.5%2846.5%28
BBC America  44.2%2946.7%1939.7%3152.2%21
CBS Sports Networks40.3%3044.8%2134.2%3852.4%19T
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While broadcast networks Fox-TV, ABC-TV and CBS-TV capture the top three spots for Effective Upfront Presentations and Negotiations in the 2012 Myers Report, two MTV Networks sales groups are ranked first and second among client (advertiser) executives. The disparity in perceptions among differ respondent groups are worth noting . In the full Myers Report, data is provided on 16 respondent groups and 65 national TV and selected online organizations. Among the online organizations, HULU was ranked first, with 63% of total respondents and 70% of digital media buyers/planners rating the organization 4/5 on a five point scale. You Tube was ranked 4/5 by 50% of total respondents and 57% of digital buyers/planners. In previousJack Myers Media Business Reports, details were shared from the recent Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on the Top 30 TV Networks rated for Quality of Sales Organization and Customer Service , Value for the Investment and Multi-Platform Brand Extensions and Integration , led respectively by Turner Entertainment Sales, CBS-TV and ESPN. The reports are based on the feedback of more than 400 agency and advertiser executives who completed the 27th Annual Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on National TV Value and Sales Organization Performance . In future weeks, results will be shared on networks' Research Support and Intelligence.

SOURCE: Jack Myers Media Business Report 2012 Survey of Advertising Executives on National TV Value and Sales Organization Performance. 405 respondents, Survey conducted online among pre-qualified respondents in October, 2012. Full methodology is available to subscribers upon request.

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