Alexa PenaVega Goes Solo for Her New Hallmark Project "A Paris Proposal"

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Globetrotting is nothing new to actor Alexa PenaVega. If she's not doing it for work, she's doing it with her husband (and frequent co-star) Carlos on tour with the family supporting his band Big Time Rush. So, landing her 12th project for Hallmark Media entitled A Paris Proposal (which she'd be doing solo, partially shot in the city of love and Bulgaria) required a little internal preparation and a conversation at home. "This one was a unique experience for me," she shared in an exclusive chat with MediaVillage. "Normally, even if I'm not on a project with Carlos, everybody is around, and the kids are with me. After a long day, I come back, take care of the kids all night, then on the little sleep I have, I'm back to work the next day.

"Because we filmed in Paris and Bulgaria, it made the most sense for me to take this project completely solo," she continued. "That was very strange as we never do that. But we knew this choice would be easier on our family. So, I took off by myself. It was wild being able to just focus on this project, as I haven't done that in years. I kind of didn't know what to do with myself at first because I could go to sleep at a decent hour, rest, practice my lines, or meet the cast after filming to go over the next day. I don't normally have that luxury as after work, I'm home with the family, which I care so deeply about, but it was a cool variance to be able to totally dive into the movie."

Another adjustment PenaVega had to make was not having her husband as a scene partner, given her last few Hallmark projects have been with him. "It's funny … we're so used to working together, that honestly, it's a little scary for both of us not knowing who you're working with," she admitted. "When we're both spearheading a project, we set the tone, the way [the project] feels, and the mood. We always have fun in life and Hallmark letting us work together is a dream come true. Where else do you get the opportunity to keep your whole family together? People ask, 'How do you work with your spouse?' It's one of the most fun things because we know we can play, we know what our limits are, and what we're capable of. When it's my husband, we just have the best time ever. Some co-stars aren't always as easy."

Thankfully any concerns PenaVega had about her co-star quickly evaporated once she met Nicholas Bishop (pictured above with PenaVega), who plays her co-worker/love interest Sebastian. "I have to give him serious props," she beamed. "He's such a gem of a human, and so unbelievably professional. He's British yet had to put on a French accent throughout the film. He speaks French, which was so helpful as I had to learn a good chunk of French for some scenes. We got to play and improv and bounce back and forth. So many things in this movie weren't scripted and they kept them in! That's so rare and special."

In the film, PenaVega portrays Anna, an account manager for New York City advertising agency Dash Creative, who is forced to team with French native Sebastian (Bishop) in order to land the account of her career, Durand Diamonds. To say their working relationship is less than amicable is an understatement. Coupled with painful memories of a previous relationship that began with a Parisian honeymoon, Anna is less than thrilled about the trip. But after the two are mistakenly thought to be married, a ruse they perpetuate to help land the deal, Anna begins realizing Sebastian might not be so bad, and possibly "the diamond in the rough" she's been looking for.

"Okay, I'm not gonna lie … it's such a swoony city, but I never understood Paris because I'd never visited as an adult," she said. "I was there when I was 13 or 14 years old, and I thought the architecture was great, but Rome is cool, too. Going back as an adult was a game changer. I fell in love with that city. It is gorgeous! It is romantic. You feel cool walking through the city and there's no way you can't feel chic."

Helping with that was the generous, and very stylish, wardrobe Hallmark provided. "Oh, the clothes!" she exclaimed. "I used to want all the wardrobe, then I'd come home, and it would sit in my closet forever because I'm totally not like most of these characters. But I did purchase a gown I wore for a gala scene. It's a silver metallic funky dress, so cool and so chic. I'm like -- I need this, it's coming home with me."

2023 is shaping up to be a busy year for the PenaVegas. Carlos is hitting the road again with his band (with family in tow), and the couple has more Hallmark projects on the burner. "The road is funny," she said. "They're pop stars on stage, then poop stars off. We're full-on parents dealing with poopy diapers the minute he's done, so you're humbled very quickly.

"But I have to tell you," she added in closing. "We've been pitching A Paris Proposal 2, so we can go back to Paris, and Bulgaria, because it was so much fun. Honestly, I would shoot every movie in Bulgaria if it were up to me, it was a whole new scene and it is phenomenal."

A Paris Proposal will be telecast Saturday, February 11 at 8 p.m. on Hallmark Channel as part of their annual Loveuary® programming event.

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