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Viewers of the Hallmark Channel tune in to catch episodes of cooking and lifestyle shows such as “The Martha Stewart Show,” “Everyday Food” and ”Mad Hungry,” or classic American sitcoms like “Cheers,” “Frasier,” and “I Love Lucy,” or dramas like “Little House on the Prairie,” and “The Waltons.” Domestic Auto manufacturers should also tune in to the Hallmark Channel, if they want to reach The Right Audience™ for their cars and trucks. Homes with a high likelihood of owning a Buick, Lincoln, Mercury, Chevrolet, Geo, Ford, Pontiac, Chrysler or Dodge are well represented in the Hallmark Channel’s audience, based on TRA’s Purchaser Rating Point™ (PRP™) metric.

Advertisers are taking advantage of insights like this for planning and buying media that is more targeted, and that positively impacts ROI. Interested in improving your ROI? Take advantage of the relevant insights that are available only through TRA’s Media TRAnalytics®.

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