Annual Conference Preview: Justin Krieger and Matt Twomey Discuss the Business of Sports (Video)

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Sports is a national pastime and a huge part of revenue for all types of media companies. The evolution of how fans consume content has made the business of sports much more dynamic. From media rights to live sports streaming to sports betting becoming mainstream, it's a topic of great interest to the MFM community. It will be a breakout session at the 2024 MFM Annual Conference, led by two experts, Justin Krieger and Matt Twomey of RSM.

As a preview of their highly anticipated session, The Business of Sports, Justin and Matt discussed some major storylines they'll cover. First up was the future of media rights and the dawn of live sports streaming. The conversation included their takes on the future and how that impacts media companies. What's certain is that streaming platforms, including newly launched ones, will have a role in content delivery. This trend echoes the larger shift of viewing from traditional TV to streaming.

Justin and Matt also talked about the new fan experience and how technology and AI are creating more personalized ones. Today's fans expect more, and leagues and teams are applying innovative technologies to deliver it.

Finally, they shared their thoughts on sports betting. What was once only something you could do in person at casinos is now mainstream. Sports betting legalization continues to grow across the country. As a result, local media companies are generating revenue from these ads.

Tune into this sneak peek of the session and be sure to attend it at the conference this May.

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