It's EMMY WEEK PEOPLE!!!! Please take time to vote for Best Actor and Actress in both the Comedy and Drama categories. I'll announce the winners next week after the real winners are revealed on Sunday night!

The answer to Friday's Trivia Question: The game on channel 11 I remembered was called PIX and you had to say Pix Pix Pix Pix Pix to have some dude in the studio shoot was great back then our kids would NEVER go for it today though!

FIRST FIVES : He Who Shall Not Be Named #2, Monica Caraffa, Michael O'Dea, Gerald Piscopo & Brian Gould

Honorable Mention : Dana Moscato

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5

X Factor-FOX 2.2/6.8
Big Brother-CBS 2.2/6.4
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 2.0/7.9
Million Second Quiz-NBC 1.1/4.1
Shark Tank-ABC 1.0/4.2

Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

X Factor-FOX 510,917
Big Brother-CBS 109,785 Kristy Carruba
Rookie Blue-ABC 45,929
The Vampire Diaries-CW 36,546
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 20,978

Thursday's Cable Top 5

NFL Football: Jets/Patriots-NFL Network 3.8/8.7
Pre Kick-NFL Network 1.4/3.6
Burn Notice-USA 1.3/4.9
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.5
College Football-ESPN 1.0/2.2

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
NFL Football: Jets/Patriots 219,392
Burn Notice-USA 132,709
Tamar & Vince-WE 35,090
Graceland-USA 26,619
Project Runway-Lifetime 23,353

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

Dateline-NBC 1.4/6.7
20/20-ABC 1.1/4.7
Shark Tank-ABC 1.0/4.1
Undercover Boss-CBS .9/4.7
The Million Second Quiz-NBC .8/4.0

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
America's Next Top Model-CW 42,010
Dateline-NBC 12,158
The Million Second Quiz-NBC 10,094
So You Think You Can Dance-FOX 5,719
Shark Tank-ABC 5,456

Friday's Cable Top 5


Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

WWE Smackdown-Syfy 84,444

Say Yes to the Dress-TLC 22,861

Haven-Syfy 22,492

Ghost Adventures-Travel 20,800

Kendra on Top-We 19,845

I watched everything out of order last night because the Giant game pushed everything on CBS back, so at 8pm I watched Real Housewives of NJ, then Breaking Bad and then I went to watch Big Brother. I don't really know how to handle Breaking Bad with you guys at this point because I know a ton of people are binge viewing and catching up and some people haven't watched last night's episode yet and I really don't want to be the person that spoils this show as a whole for anyone. I don't even want to risk using a "Spoiler Alert" for anyone. I'm making an executive decision to wait until after the series finale to discuss the show. What I will say about last night's episode was that it was SO intense and SO amazing and SO riveting that I honestly felt like I needed a Xanax to chill out when it ended. I just have no idea how this story is going to end. There hasn't been a bad episode, a jump the shark moment or anything. The show is as perfect as it could possibly be and I'm really hoping that the finale is everything we want it to be. I don't need another Lost or another Sopranos to ruin things.

That being said, it was great to have a mindless, fun episode of Big Brother to watch after Breaking Bad except that 90% of Big Brother was clips and recaps from this season. THAT SUCKED! What a kill buzz! The last moments of the show, the 3 part HOH competition started, but that's where I was last night. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

So the only thing left to discuss is Real Housewives of NJ, because I didn't get to the Season finale of Newsroom yet. Football is really messing Sunday nights up!

Real Housewives of NJ

How funny was it when Teresa had to interpret "blood is thicker than water" for her Mom for all of us? First she was interpreting and then she was speech writing for Jaqueline? Now that IS the definition of irony right? A woman that can barely master the English language is interpreting it and writing it?

What was it about Chris Laurita that made him look so different last night. Haircut? Weightloss? Botox? I couldn't put my finger on it.

The entire Kathy Walkile storyline last night was embarrassing. Her cannoli kit seems ridiculous to me for some reason. She seems sad and desperate. I mean she's doing her Mom's hair and schlepping easels and posters herself into the city. I just felt bad for her. I felt bad for Candace, the woman, she's working with now who was waiting and seemed to be thinking "how did I get myself into this mess?" I haven't been to Dylan's Candy Bar in a long time. Do they now carry pastries? The editors were trying to make it look like nobody was showing up for Kathy, but other than Caroline, they all were there for her. So what was the big deal? That was definitely a case of trying to make drama where there wasn't any.

It was nice to see The Gorga's and the Giudice's out with Teresa and Joe's Mom, but now with Penny telling Melissa and Joe that it WAS Teresa who was behind the rumors and comments and stuff, I'm betting there's more drama on the horizon.

I loved Johnny Wright the music producer/manager guy telling Melissa straight up how the music business works. He was another one who seemed annoyed and perhaps regretted getting involved with these two nut jobs. Not sure where she can really go with her career...have you heard her song anywhere on the radio? I haven't. Looks like she'd rather drive carpool than make music.

Classic moment of the episode was when Joe Giudice was talking to Rosie about having a surrogate and wasn't sure if he had eggs or not. Could he really be THAT stupid? REALLY??? Poignant moment of the episode was of course Jaqueline's speech about Nick and Autism at the BLK Knock Out Autism fundraiser. One note to Richie Wakilie...PLEASE STOP CHEWING GUM on TV. It's disgusting and grossing me out. Thanks.


- Some great NFL Football Social Info for all of you guys:

  • Last week's Sunday Night Football (on Thursday) game ruled social chatter across all platforms.
  • Ravens/Broncos owned 54% of all Twitter conversations on 9/5
  • There were 1.3 million tweets sent around Kickoff with the next closest TV event generating only 166,000 tweets
  • Sunday Night's game was also #1 on Twitter beating all other NFL games that day with 1.7 million tweets up 1 million tweets vs. last year
  • NBC Sports Fantasy Sports site, Rotoworld delivered its best week ever from 9/1-9/7 with 2.2 million uniques.
  • The week of 8/25-8/31 was Rotoworld's best week ever in visits with 4.4 million
  • ProFootballTalk also experienced its best week ever from 8/25-8/31 with 8.2 million visits.

- The legal battle is still ongoing, but so far the results of FilmOn X's fight could threaten the expansion of Aereo, its competitor in over-the-air broadcast television on the Internet. A ruling last week rejected FilmOn X's motion to stay a preliminary injunction or to limit the injunction to the D.C. area, the D.C. judge referred to Aereo as a "similar service that also appears to infringe... copyrights." So this could spell trouble for both services. More to come I'm sure.

-Got a bunch of dough and not sure what to do with it? How about buying a music network? MSG's putting Fuse up for sale. The network is in 70 million households, but has never really broken through. You'd think that of the 3 music networks Fuse would do well, since they don't have a promise in their name and yet they do actually show music videos on their network, they'd win. MTV and VH1 still dominate in the category even though the ladder two rarely play a music video throughout their program lineups. Odd right?

Monday's Trivia Question: 30 years ago in 1983 this show won the Primetime Emmy for Best Comedy. It was on Thursday nights at 9:30 on NBC. Name the show.

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