THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Kitty and Red Forman were the proud parents of Eric and his sister.

FIRST FIVE : Mike O'Dea, John Romeo, James Gabriele, Alex Nagler and Karen Feldman



Friday's Cable Top 5

American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.2
WWE Friday Night-Syfy .8/2.7
Sons of Guns-Discovery .6/1.4
Modern Family-USA .6/1.2
The Help-TNT .6/1.7

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5

Family Guy-Fox 2.1/4.2
Resurrection -ABC 2.0/7.1
Once Upon a Time-ABC 1.9/6.2
60 Minutes-CBS 1.8/11.0
The Amazing Race-CBS 1.7/8.9

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings

MTV Movie Awards-MTV 2,411,000 Tweets

Game of Thrones-HBO 251,000 Tweets

Mad Men-AMC 60,000 Tweets

MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show-MTV 32,000 Tweets

Cosmos-Fox 27,000 Tweets

Top 5 DVR'ed shows for the week of 3/24/14-3/30/14

Modern Family - ABC From a 3.6 to a 5.9 (+64%)

Blacklist-NBC From a 2.8 to a 5.0 (+79%)

Grey's Anatomy-ABC From a 2.6 to a 4.4 (+69%)

Scandal-ABC From a 3.1 to a 4.7% (+52%)

How I Met Your Mother-CBS From a 3.5 to a 4.9 (+40%)

Final numbers for Sunday night cable programming aren't in yet, but we do know that 6.3 million viewers watched “Game of Thrones” live. That's down 5% from the premiere but still the second most watched episode ever and anyone that missed it has probably watched it already.

Probably directly related, “Mad Men's” final season premiere was seen by only 2.3 million viewers -- down 32% from last year’s season premiere. It was the lowest rated season premiere since the second season in 2008. Note to network executives TV, I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but … there are six other nights!!!! There was SO much on this past Sunday give your shows a chance and give us all a break!


Dallas Season Finale

First Sunday's “Game of Thrones” and now the “Dallas” finale? Writers are having a field day and we're all reaping the benefits. I was thinking yeah, maybe now that Christopher got rid of the beard, he'd man up and get some b*lls. That didn't happen. For some reason, he wants the agita of some poor chick, her lunatic ex-husband, and their kid? Come on, he's Christopher Ewing. What a tool. Mama Ryland was sooooper creepy. Harris had to be a freak of a husband with a mom like her. We know what kind of father he is. Can't believe he kissed Annie and she liked it. You could tell. She went over there because Bobby found out about her slutty, horny daughter and kicked her out of Southfork. Like Mother like daughter I suppose. Good thing too, Southfork's on fire thanks to Heather's ex. Of course Bobby, Christopher and a wasted Sue Ellen are inside the burning building. Who lives? That's cliffhanger part 1. Pamela found out about John Ross and Emma and knows how to use the Find My iphone app pretty well. We ALLLLL thought that she was going over to the hotel to kill John Ross or Emma or both of them but that's not AT ALL what happened! What did happen you ask? THREESOME!!! And for TNT they sure showed an awful lot of it. I think John Ross's head exploded at the exact same time mine did. Perfect night right…wrong! Right in the middle of everything, Pamela starts convulsing. Intentional? Accidental? We won't know until August when I'm on the beaches of LBI on vacation and this crazy show returns. Good job writers!

Silicon Valley

It really sucks that all of these geeky guys are so unattractive. The story is pretty good but I find myself wandering over to my phone looking for some kind of candy. If there isn't any man candy on the screen, Candy Crush candy is a good substitute. For smart guys, they sure don't know anything at all about running a business, banking, business plans and that a prostitute requires payment when she shows up at your house. I'm sticking with this one, but only because it's a half hour and easy to shove in between other things.

Thank God there is only one more episode of this show left because I honestly can't take the stress of watching Lindsay Lohan any longer. I am obsessed with being on time. OBSESSED. Nobody in my family is EVER late. As far as I can tell, Lindsay has NOTHING to do but SHOW UP on time and GET PAID. She couldn't manage to do that at all for the entire series. Foxwoods Casino paid her $100,000 bucks for two hours on Halloween and she was an hour late. Are you freaking kidding me? Elle Indonesia's staff flew for two days for a photo shoot that was supposed to be one day. It ended up taking three days and was basically incomplete. WTF is wrong with this girl? Why can't Matt, who's on the payroll, get her ass out of bed and off to work? I just can't even comprehend the insanity, the disrespectfulness and the chaos. No idea who cleaned and organized the apartment, but I'm guessing it was OWN's people, not Lindsay's. She's surrounded by freaks and wackos, including her family. Good Luck Lindsay, you're going to need it to get your act together. What a HOT MESS.


-I hope you're all caught up on “Orphan Black” and ready for this Saturday's 2nd season premiere. If you haven't, you better get on it…fast! BBC America. Homework.

-USA renewed “Chrisley Knows Best.” I've never seen it and have no idea who Chrisley is and whether or not she/he really does know best or not.

Tuesday's Trivia Question: I used to LOVE the show “Picket Fences.” I woke up this morning trying to remember what some of the cast members names were. Do you remember the Sheriff and his wife the doctor? What were their names?


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