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The 2016/17 Upfront Presentation week has been scheduled for Monday, May 16 to Thursday May 19, a week later than the traditional timing. Next year’s Upfront presentation Week will remain May 11 to May 14. Planners scheduling and booking their events should note the new dates for 2016/17 Upfront Week. Broadcast networks set the timing for their Upfront presentations, and other networks adjust their plans accordingly.


2015 Broadcast Week Upfront Calendar
May 11, 2015NBC-TVNew YorkMorning
May 11, 2015FoxNew YorkAfternoon
May 12, 2015ESPNNew YorkMorning
May 12, 2015UnivisionNew YorkLate Morning
May 12, 2015ABC-TVNew YorkAfternoon
May 12, 2015TelemundoNew YorkEvening
May 13, 2015TBS / TNTNew YorkMorning
May 13, 2015CBS-TVNew YorkAfternoon
May 14, 2015The CWNew YorkMorning
May 14, 2015NBC Universal CableNew YorkAfternoon
2016 Broadcast Week Upfront Calendar
May 16, 2016NBC-TVNew YorkMorning
May 16, 2016FoxNew YorkAfternoon
May 17, 2016ABC-TVNew YorkAfternoon
May 18, 2016CBS-TVNew YorkAfternoon
May 19, 2016The CWNew YorkMorning
May 19, 2016NBC Universal CableNew YorkAfternoon
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