Monday, November 11, 2013

The answer to Friday's Trivia Question: The organization on Get Smart was CONTROL

First Fives : Mike O'Dea, Karen Feldman, Jim Carter, Alex Nagler & Barry Oliver

Honorable Mention : Cyndi Greeley

Bonus Trivia Answer #1: Jack Coleman played Steven Carrington on “Dynasty”

Bonus Trivia Answer #2: L indsay Price is married to Curtis Stone. She played Janet on “Beverly Hills, 90210”

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5

The Big Bang Theory-CBS 4.9/16.8

Scandal-ABC 2.8/8.6

Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.7/8.6

The Millers-CBS 2.6/10.3

The Voice-NBC 2.5/9.7

Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

The X Factor-FOX 543,195

Glee-FOX 186,359


The Vampire Diaries-CW 144,405

The Voice-NBC 124,151

Thursday's Cable Top 5Kristy Carruba

NFL Redskins/Vikings-NFL Network 2.4/6.4

College Football-ESPN 2.2/5.7

The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.6

NBA Lakers/Rockets-TNT 1.1/2.3

Pawn Stars-History .9/2.9

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

NBA Lakers/Rockets-TNT 243,310

NFL Redskins/Vikings-NFL Network 107,628

White Collar-USA 34,130

Covert Affairs-USA 22,810

Impact Wrestling-Spike 17,613

Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Broadcast Ratings

Scandal-ABC 186,500 Tweets

Glee-FOX 123,900 Tweets

The X Factor- FOX 147,600 Tweets

The Vampire Diaries-CW 89,500 Tweets

The Voice-NBC 71,100 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

Shark Tank-ABC 2.0/7.2
Undercover Boss-CBS 1.8/9.3
MasterChef Jr.-FOX 1.5/4.2
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 1.4/9.3
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.4/6.1

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

Shark Tank-ABC 35,735
Grimm-NBC 34,181
Dracula-NBC 29,385
America's Next Top Model-CW 26,319
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 23,251

Friday's Cable Top 5


Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
WWE Smackdown-Syfy 65,508
Haven-Syfy 16,220
Pete's Christmas-Hallmark 12,743
Modern Family-USA 9,915
NBA Kings/Trailblazers-NBA TV 8,173


It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt right? Same goes for the show depicting the fun and games, Betrayal. We knew the fun had to come to an end for Jack and Sarah. Drew found out about the affair, but we didn't really care because he was a d*ck. But when Jack told Elaine and the kids it was tough to watch because we like them. Especially Elaine. I sort of wish that Betrayal ended with Jack and Sarah just sailing off into the sunset together. The bummer is that there is heartache, and hurt when someone tears apart a family, and it's hard to watch. In reality there's a huge ripple effect to an affair isn't there? I'm glad that Jack came clean and told Elaine the truth, I'm even glad he told the kids. It proved he loves Sarah and wants to be with her, but at what cost? Do the writers think that having TJ pinned with another murder and Elaine hooking up with the wine guys will keep us invested? I don't know how much they can keep things going now that the fun stuffs over.


Okay so another no Brody episode and this one was also barely a Carrie episode. It's all about Saul these days and he's a complicated guy. Big time. I did appreciate Quinn in a towel, but it was just a tease and honestly, if you're an anti-terrorist government employee, do you answer the door in a towel? I'm betting you don't especially when it's your boss at the door. Carrie's morning sickness is kicking in again. Not great to be pregnant at a crime scene. Was that cop at the house Vincent Spano from Alphabet City? It sure looked like and older version of him. Anyway, Juvadi's going back to Iran working for Saul. How funny were the words "butt monkey" coming out of his mouth? I don't know I found it humorous. but before he got on that plane, Carrie just had to know who the Langley bomber was. We know it wasn't Brody now...I think, but was it the lawyer guy or another Abu Nazeer guy? At least I'm interested again.

MTV European Music Awards

Pre-Show hosts were a guy and girl I didn't know and Darren Criss from Glee. Other than Fall Out Boy and Jason Derulo it was all about Austin Don't-Confuse-Me-With-Bieber Mahone. He won the "Artist on the Rise" award and performed his new hit available right now on itunes called Banga Banga. Everyone has to tell us that their hit single, new album etc. is available RIGHT NOW on itunes. Otherwise, why do the show?

Miley Cyrus opened the EMA's in Amsterdam with an alien community by her side. Miley and her crew were all decked out in crazy alien outfits. Miley's dress was tame but she had the best accessory ever, a little person in latex with Madonna coned boobs. Everyone loves little people!

  • Red Foo from LMFAO was the host (I didn't know his name was Red Foo until my son told me)
  • Robin Thicke sang Miley sang "Blurred Lines" for the millionth time. Didn't matter though because all eyes were on his dancers who were topless and covered in silver paint and rhinestones carefully placed to cover what needed to be covered. Robin was super sweaty. None of those dancers would go near anyone THAT sweaty. Trust me. GROSS
  • Best Song Award went to: Bruno Mars for "Locked Out Of Heaven". He was sporting a bit of a fro and wearing a motorcycle jacket that every cool guy in my high school wore back in the 80's. (Neil Moffatt if you're reading know the jacket I'm talking about!)
  • Newsflash-DJ Afrojack does NOT have an afro.
  • Of all the songs on Katy Perry's new album she sang the one I like the least. "Unconditionally." It's not a bad song, but the others are so much better. Katy literally grew a million feet tall while she sang and then dancers started doing the Maypole weaving the very long fabric of her dress. Pretty cool, then it all came off and she was suspended in mid air in a mirrored jump suit. Take that Miley. Between P!nk, Gaga, Miley and Katy I don't know who's more enjoyable these days. The bar just keeps getting raised.
  • Rita Ora? Anyone know who she is? She had some major static problems, I can tell you that.
  • Best Hip Hop Award went to: Eminem who was on hand to accept his award and thank everyone.
  • The Ron Burgundy segments were cute if you're into him, I'm not so they bored me.
  • Kings of Leon performed a pretty cool tune called "Beautiful War." The songs great, but Kings of Leon are a pretty boring band to watch.
  • Pretty sexy voice during the show telling us who's coming up next. I think she was computer generated but I couldn't prove it.
  • RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad sans crutches, looking pretty rock starish presented the Best Female Award to: Katy Perry who was VERY excited to win. A little too excited if you ask me.
  • Bruno Mars, his afro and girls on stripper poles performed "Gorilla". My 12 year old loved that! The girls were pretty talented. MTV bleeped out the word "cocaine" but kept all the half naked girls on stripper poles in. Priorities
  • Ariana Grande is soooo pretty. She gave out the award for Best Male to Justin Bieber who was not there to accept his award. I guess Europe still has Bieber fever.
  • LMFAO guy grosses me out with his lenseless glasses
  • Miley Cyrus was back to perform "Wrecking Ball" in a painful looking body suit. There was no camel toe situation you can't have camel toe when you're wearing dental floss. I give her credit though, no lip syncing, but pretty sure she was sporting Lee Press On Nails.
  • Red Foo's dragon outfit was edible, shot confetti, and fireworks. Now that's a cool costume.
  • Global Icon Award went to Eminem. He came out with a giant boom box set and this time no doubt at all that he was singing live. Love me some Billy Squire. "Rap God" was amazing. Odd that Ron Burgundy presented the actual trophy to Eminem but whatever.
  • Best Pop Act went to One Direction but they weren't there to accept BUMMER I love them
  • Best Live Act went to Beyonce but she was someplace else performing live and couldn't be there to accept her award live. Ironic, I know.
  • Snoop Dogg NOT Snoop Lion performed with a giant diamond "Doggy" thing on his hand to cover the microphone. Who thinks of that? A lot of the song had had to be bleeped.
  • "Once in a Lifetime" was performed by my friend Ed's favorite band...The Killers. Personally I don't get it, but it was a good performance.
  • Radar Man and Ariana Grande came together to read some tweets. Do we need to actually have people reading the tweets for us. I believe we can read, so a scroll could have worked.
  • Best Video went to: Miley Cyrus for "Wrecking Ball" and she was still in her painful Vajajay outfit. Front wedgies are painful she's gotta be hurtin today. Even MTV got nervous and pulled the camera back just in case that fabric moved a millimeter. It could have been the wardrobe malfunction to end all wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Imagine Dragons closed the show with "Radioactive"


I'm predicting it now...No way does Amber end up marrying Ryan. Did you see her with the band? Did you see Ryan watching her with the band? It's going to end badly. I just know it. It's also going to end badly for pooooor Drew. We've all been there haven't we? "Lets JUST be FRIENDS". The worst words anyone ever wants to hear. We've been the ones saying it, we've been the ones hearing it and it's SO incredibly painful knowing first hand what that feels like. I feel for him. What about Julia and Joel? She's losing it big time. She's trying to be a stay at home Mom while Joel's finally got work and she's just losing it and finding comfort with someone else. Do you think that Camille's coming back from Italy? I felt so bad for Zeke when she left him at the house and he was sitting there alone in the kitchen.


Glee's whole Lady Gaga/Katy Perry thing was okay. I didn't love the episode, but I did love the casts version of "Wide Awake," I'd argue it's better than the original version. Check it out here:

Macklemore’s Big Surprise

For anyone unfamiliar with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's music, I'd strongly suggest you check them out. I'm SO not into rap or hip hop, but their songs are just so amazing, with great messages and more incredible, they're completely independent and out of the corporate part of the music industry. Ben Haggerty, aka Macklemore, has a pretty amazing story. He's a former drug addict who turned his life around thanks to his current fiance, Tricia, and her Mom, Diane, who stuck by him through it all. During this special, Ben wanted to thank them both by pulling off a complete home makeover for Diane, his soon-to-be Mother-in-law. In between the sneaking around, the painting, the moving etc. We got to know Ben, his family, his story, Tricia and Diane. Ben is a very eloquent, deep guy who fought the odds and made it big. Great show. They're re-running it for a while so check it out if you remember.

News & Information

-Everyone wants to partner with Twitter these days. Now, it's The Voice's turn. Tomorrow night, viewers will be given a chance to instantly save their favorite artists from elimination. In the past, it was the judges that had the power to save an artist, but now the power is shifting over to us, the viewers. Ya know, if America can vote for singers and episodes and endings, why can't we start using Twitter to vote for more important stuff? I bet you at some point we'll all be voting for President on Twitter.

-I guess the cast of Sean Saves the World can book a vacation or buy something now. They just got the order for 5 more episodes. NBC's Thursday night is suffering, but I guess without a backup plan, they'd need more episodes anyway. My advice, save the cash and do a staycation.

Monday's Trivia Question: What was the theme of last weeks Trivia Questions?

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