The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: Matthew Perry was the obvious answer as he starred in both Go On and Friends

FIRST FIVES : Bobby Aguilera, Kathy Connelly, Megan Quirk, Lance Beitler & David Gorin

Honorable Mention: Bill McLaughlin

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5

America's Got Talent-NBC 2.7/10.4
MasterChef-FOX 2.2/5.3
Big Brother-CBS 2.0/5.8
Camp-NBC 1.5/5.2
America's Got Talent (R)-NBC 1.3/6.2

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5Kristy Carruba

Big Brother-CBS 100,379
America's Got Talent-NBC 66,516
MasterChef-FOX 52,901
Camp-NBC 27,724
The American Baking Competition-CBS 25,996

Wednesday's Cable Top 5


Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
The Challenge: Rivals II-MTV 73,588
MLB Baseball-WGN America 42,091
The Bridge-FX 32,200
R&B Divas LA-TV One 27,458
Royal Pains-USA 24,121

Big Brother-Eviction Night!

Two nights in a row of GOOD Big Brother episodes. I love that the racism issue was brought up, I loved the houseguests working the votes and I love that the right person went home. Let's hope the show stays on track. BULLET POINT TIME:

  • What are those things on Howard's arm? It looks like slugs or leaches.
  • Nice to see Candace got right to work on getting Nick out of the house.
  • Just in case you weren't sure, Andy is STILL in the game and is still wearing tank tops.
  • Helen was working it with Jessie pretty hard and did a great job.
  • Was Howard wearing underwear last night? Don't think so
  • WHO does HOWARD look like? It's driving me nuts!
  • Amanda & McCrae gross me out, BUT she is doing a good job with the manipulations.
  • I laughed when Julie addressed the showmances in the house and then made Jessie feel bad that she's not in one.
  • Amanda confronted Aaryn about her racist remarks and she A) equated it with being blonde B) admitted she could care less and C) thought that it was the most "annoying and obnoxious thing she's ever heard". Wait till she finds out that she's lost her job because of it.
  • First a catsuit and then a ballerina outfit. Didn't Elissa look like the ballerina on top of your jewelry box when you were little? You know, the one when you open it, it plays music and the ballerina spins around.
  • Why was Nick YELLING so loud during his eviction speech
  • HOLY COW SPENCER voting out NICK was a crazy, crazy surprised where I was literally screaming at my TV.
  • GinaMarie's hysterics were ridiculous. She'd only known him 2 weeks, not a lifetime and Nick didn't want anything to do with her!
  • Since when is The Moving Company called the MC?
  • During his exit interview, Nick totally figured out that Spencer turned on him which was interesting to me.
  • I liked Nick WAY more during his exit interview than I did in the house.
  • Guess Nick's not gay since he admitted that he would have ended up with GinaMarie in a few weeks.
  • It's BETTER YOU THAN ME Elissa not YOU THAN I! Oy I hate poor grammar.
  • Julie Chen seems a bit more animated and into the game play this season doesn't she?
  • Head of Household competition was awesome. Couldn't have been happier that Jeremy was out FIRST.
  • 2 Tie Breakers...has that happened before?
  • Jeremy looked like he was going to kill someone. Karma's a b*tch dude!

Hollywood Game Night

Please tell me you guys watched Hollywood Game Night last night. I loved it! It brought me back to the game shows I used to watch when I was a kid. Jane Lynch's take on the cheesy game show host was spot on. She had 6 great celebrities playing too. I mean come on, 2 FRIENDS? Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow, Martin Short, Allison Hannigan, Daniel Dae Kim and Kristen Bell. Martin Short was hilarious! He should be on EVERY week. The Charles Nelson Reilly of the show if you will. Even the name of the house band was cheesy and delightful...Dean Butterworth and the Scorekeepers. Basically there are 2 teams of 3 celebrities and 1 civilian competing in fun games for 25K. First game, Guess the Snack, was adorable, who knew Lisa Kudrow would know what Funions were. 2nd Game was sort of a Password type thing, third was a game where you had to guess who the celebrities were in drawings done by kids, then there was a game where you had to put celebrity photos in a timeline which was great and of course...Charades. WINNER NBC! I can't wait to see the ratings and can't wait for the next episode. One question...Why is it on at 10pm???

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
I love that Seinfeld used to be on Thursday nights at 9pm and that's around the time I watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee each week. This week Seth Meyers was in the passenger seat and of course he was a great guest. Seth reminds me a lot of Jerry and you sort of see that in the show. If you sit through the commercial at the end you will get to see MY very first car! A yellow Honda Civic...toooooo cute!

Orange is the New Black
I think most of you know that I was pissed off at Netflix when they raised their prices and basically charged me more for less, but that was a while ago, and I came back to them on my own terms. Of course I did, because Netflix is bringing some great content to the table. Now, I'm pretty happy forking over the eight bucks a month. First they gave me House of Cards, then Arrested Development and now the best of the three...Orange is the New Black. I've only watched the premiere episode, but I'm already jonesing to keep going. IT'S GREAT! The show is based on a true story and follows Piper Chapman a former lesbian, wasp, shicksa, on her time spent in prison for carrying drug money for her former lesbian lover. Now she's engaged to Jason Biggs and entering the big house and it's awesome. Hilarious when Piper gets her prison outfit and says "oh, these shoes are like TOMS". Lots of great casting...Jason Biggs American Pie co-star, Natasha Lyonne is behind bars, along with Kate Mulgrew, and some other familiar faces. (I don't want to give too much away because YOU MUST WATCH THIS ONE). OitNB is from Jenji Kohan who brought Weeds into our lives and this show is his next masterpiece. You guys gotta check it out!


I saw an interesting Infographic on Mashable yesterday that showed where U.S. Adults are using their smartphones, here are the somewhat upsetting results:
9% during sex ( I don't know about you, but I would FREAK OUT if my husband broke out his phone during an intimate moment)
12% in the shower (I'm guessing they have a waterproof case?)
19% in church which means they are DEFINITELY GOING TO HELL
32% at a child's function, but that could be to coordinate seating, video the kid, or talk about the kid/family to your friend who was late and couldn't sit next to you.
33% on a dinner date (hard to interpret that one, but either way wrong and disrespectful)

-No offense Betty White, but I'm SO GLAD Off Your Rockers has been cancelled. NBC pulled the plug on the show (not Betty!) after 2 seasons and I couldn't be happier. I couldn't believe that it did as well as it did and c' was so freaking stupid.

-Way to make me feel old Bravo. Monday will mark the 10 year anniversary of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. OMG I LOVED that show, didn't you? To celebrate this momentous occasion, Bravo is running a Queer Eye marathon from 6am-5pm and airing the best episodes from all 5 seasons. NO CHEATING...give me the names of the "Fab Five" NO CHEATING, NO GOOGLING, I will admit, I knew all of their first names but only one of their last HONOR SYSTEM!

Friday's Trivia Question
: Which actress starred in My So Called Life and Homeland?
WHAT IS THIS WEEKS THEME??? 1 person did get it already, so anyone who gets it is eligible for 5 bonus points.

Have a great weekend !

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