Blake Abbie of "Bling Empire: New York" on Authenticity and Diversity in Reality TV (Video)

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After a hit debut season in 2021, Netflix’s Bling Empire has expanded to the East Coast as it follows original cast member Dorothy Wang for a New York City adventure in Bling Empire: New York. Described by many as Crazy Rich Asians meets Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the series follows affluent Asian American families and individuals, from designers to billionaire CEOs and mega-influencers. To tell us all about the new season, we are joined by series cast member, fashion editor and actor Blake Abbie.

"I started filming the show with a bit of reticence," Blake tells us. "I enjoy watching reality shows but had a certain perception of what they could be, so I was afraid of getting in the drama. What was really important for me to remember was being as authentic to myself as I could be. Without being authentic, you can [surmise] that I’m faking something, so I tried to lay it out as honestly as possible."

"I hope that people can understand the cultural nuances of our lives," he adds. "There are certain criticisms of the show and how it portrays rich people. I think my presence on the show, while I am an upper-middle class person, I don’t come from a family of billionaires. I'm not an heir to anything. I didn't grow up going to luxury resorts every two weeks as a kid. It's important to me to be a little bit more real.

"Sure, I have a higher income than some. But I still take the subway. I'm a New Yorker. I’m frugal!" he laughed. “I hope it gives more nuance to the Asian American experience."

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