Boundless Curiosity Ignites Passion and Purpose (VIDEO)

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We are thrilled to welcome Amy Wilkins, CRO at Smithsonian Media as our next guest on #TheStorytellingRevolution. Amy drives the growth of the media assets that bring the Smithsonian story to life across online, print, newsletters, video, audio and live events, targeting highly affluent and highly educated curious minds. Smithsonian magazine provides a unique point of view, delighting its readers with something new and, as Amy emphasizes, "opens their mind to something they didn't know that they didn't know." From ambitious expeditions to Mars on a helicopter to the untold stories of the brave Harlem Hellfighters in World War I, there is a rich depth of narrative and emotional resonance that impacts audiences across science, history, art, popular culture and innovation.

What is remarkable is the origin story of the Smithsonian. Named after James Smithson (1765–1829), a British scientist who never set foot once on American soil, yet felt compelled to leave his entire estate to the "increase and diffusion of knowledge" and request its epicenter be Washington, D.C.

Today the thirst for knowledge and "boundless curiosity" that is the hallmark of Smithsonian Media branding is what guides the incisive reporting and multi-layered and consequential storytelling that moves its discerning audience -- emboldening them to ask "Why?" and, most importantly, "What can I change"? This is the legacy that Amy Wilkins (pictured below with her family) is building, bringing together her passion and purpose to make a dent in our connected universe!

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