The answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question: Bryan Cranston played HAL on Malcolm in the Middle before playing Walter "Heisenberg" White on Breaking Bad. I can't believe I only had 4 correct answers...c'mon people, you have to be in it to win it!

FIRST FOUR: Brett Blattman, Stephanie Baxter, Allison Accarino & Rachel Snyder

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Walking Dead-AMC 5.8/10.8!!!!!!

Walking Dead Marathon-AMC 2.1/4.3

Walking Dead-AMC 1.9/3.5

Real Housewives of NJ-Bravo 1.6/3.3

Breaking Amish-TLC 1.3/3.2

Monday's Broadcast Top 5

The Voice-NBC 4.8/11.0

Revolution-NBC 3.4/8.8Kristy Carruba

2 Broke Girls-CBS 3.3/9.2

How I Met Your Mother-CBS 3.2/8.0

Mike & Molly-CBS 3.0/9.0

Monday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

The Voice-NBC 157,470

Dancing with the Stars-ABC 111,685

Gossip Girl-CW 82,666

Castle-ABC 61,493

How I Met Your Mother-CBS 61,273

Monday's Cable Top 5

NFL Football-ESPN 5.2/12.8

WWE-USA 1.4/3.9

Chrissy & Mr. Jones-VH1 1.0/1.7

T.I. & Tiny-VH1 1.0/1.7

Major Crimes-TNT/.9/2.2

Monday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

The Bad Girls Club-Oxygen 380,731

WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 224,596

Monday Night Football-ESPN 214,058

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo-TLC 53,257

Basketball Wives LA-VH1 39,184

I don't have much at all to report about last night. I knew the Yankees were going to cause me stress, so as preventative medicine, I decided to go to Yoga before I settled in for the night. When I got home, I still wasn't ready to tune into the game (or the debates) so I decided to watch TheThe+Voice Voice and then switch over to the Yankees. We all know what happened with the Yankees, so I guess I'll fill you in on The Voice. That's pretty much all I watched, but luckily Ed, our amazing DWTS correspondent, gave up some time with the Yankees and the candidates to bring us his report not a total loss.

-The ratings keep climbing on The Voice with a 4.8 RA18-49 on Monday night. Last night, another battle round episode. Blake and Buble started the show with their first pairing, Liz and Nicole. Blake had them perform his wife's song "Baggage Claim" (maybe they need some dough for a new kitchen or home recording studio?) and I thought they were both great. I actually couldn't tell the difference if I closed my eyes. (My own blind audition technic). It was a long drawn out decision but Blake chose Liz. Nobody stole Nicole and she broke down crying...Blake felt bad, you could see it. Kayla and Alesandra from Team Adam sang Katy Perry's "Wide Awake." Kayla won the battle and Drooptina surprised us all and stole Alessandra. Next up, Mackenzie and Emily for Team CeeLo. They performed one of my current faves, "It's Always a Good Time" by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City. Again, both good, but the winner was, Mackenzie. Nobody stole Emily and that was the end of the show and when I switched over to the game.

Dancing with the Stars SPOILER ALERT ON THE WAY… The best part of the results show last night was when teams were picked – live – for next week's team dance competition.

Gilles/Peta and Shawn/Derek became captains thanks to their cumulative highest scores to date. Gilles was very chatty with his picks and almost sent the show long. He picked Kelly and Val Dancing with the Stars(because they're so sexy – blech); Kirstie and Maks (because he thought they were going to be eliminated perhaps??); and Emmit and Cheryl ("a dream come true" – give it a rest Gilles!).

Shawn and Derek selected Sabrina and Louis; Melissa and Tony; and Apolo and Karina. That left Bristol and Mark, who seemed most concerned about being picked last in the package leading up to the selection, and then weren't picked at all! Tom explained that if they weren't eliminated this week, they'd replace the couple that is.

Donnie Osmond, a former champion, was back to sing with Susan Boyle who has a new CD. Susan has been on DWTS before but looked uncomfortable in the spotlight. Donnie of course is the exact opposite, growing up on stage and now starring with Marie in what apparently has been voted the #1 show in Vegas.

Kirstie has the line of the night when she said "Who cares if we need an extra person to get to 30" (a perfect score when there are only three judges; this week there were four). Emmy-winning host Tom Bergeron was a close second when he flipped a coin and feared he'd "lose it in the light", a subtle Nick Swisher New York Yankees reference (sigh).

For the first time this season, the fan votes for the couples with the lowest scores didn't keep them out of the bottom two – Kirstie and Bristol were in jeopardy. Surprisingly to this DWTS correspondent, it was Bristol who was sent packing (I had picked Kirstie last night). So Bristol won't be replacing anyone in the team competition next week after all, and Gilles will get his wish to dance with Kirstie.

-Starting in November, the X Factor will get not one but two hosts...Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez. I don't know what to say about this news really. I had heard rumors about this for a while. Mario+Lopez+and+Khloe+KardashianI'm not a big Kardashian fan. I like Mario, but I feel like two hosts could make the show feel cheesy. (Remember Dunkelman people?) I guess I now have to break my own blogs rules and start typing the word Kardashian now. I work on the X Factor, so I'm in a bit of a sticky situation. I will just take it one step at a time and see how it goes.

-More big news, Beyonce will be our half time entertainment during this year's Super Bowl. How do you all feel about that? I think she could be pretty good. She's hot, she'll most likely be scantily clad, she can actually sing and dance and she has a pretty talented husband who can help her out if she needs it. I'm betting it's a decent show. I'm trying to think who I would want to see perform at the Super Bowl if I could choose anyone. I'm all over the place with my tastes. Who would you like to see perform?

-A couple of renewal announcements were also made yesterday, Bob's Burger was renewed for a 4th season and I can't believe it will be 20 cycles for America's Next Top Model, but it will be. Pretty impressive actually.

-All of these reasons make sense to me especially these days being in my Cablevision/CW TV nightmare, I am definitely well represented on this chart.


Wednesday's Trivia Question: Melissa McCarthy currently plays Molly on Mike and Molly, prior to this role she played a chef on The Gilmore Girls. What was her character's name?