The answer to Monday's Mother's Day Tribute Trivia Question: Carlton, Ashley & Hillary's Mom was Vivian Banks and of course the show was THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR

FIRST FIVES: Lisa McCusker, Jim Wall, Dana Moscato, Alex Nagler & Tara Dowling

Friday's Cable Top 5




AMERICAN DAD-Adult Swim .7/1.7


Sunday's Broadcast Top 5






Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5






Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5




THE COMEDY AWARDS (KF)-Comedy Central 124,402

MAD MEN-AMC 63,727

Top 5 DVR'ed shows for the week:






I have to thank all of you guys so much for sharing my blog...yesterday I got a voice mail from Brett Raymer one of the stars of my newest favorite show...TANKED on Animal Planet...I couldn't believe it! I played the message a million times, called my friends and family, posted on Facebook and then got the courage to call him back.


I interrupted Brett while he was taking a Taco Bell lunch break and he couldn't have been any nicer! Brett and Wayde and their families left their Brooklyn roots years ago and moved to Las Vegas to start ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing). They just celebrated their 15th anniversary! Brett, explained TANKEDhow so many people kept saying that he and Wayde should be on TV and he took that as a challenge. He hired a production company and shopped the show around. While it took some time...TANKED finally made it on to the Animal Planet lineup! Right now, Brett and the TANKED team are working on fish tanks for Tracy Morgan and NY JET, Bart Scott. You know the old saying...the plumber has leaky the moment, Brett doesn't have a fish tank at his place, and I'm betting it'll be a while before he'll have time to build one since business is obviously booming with an 8-12 week wait for the tank of your dreams...but if you can dream it these guys can build it. In addition to the show and all of the amazing fish tanks they create, Wayde and Brett are passionate about marine biology education. It's their goal to share their knowledge and passion with students around the country. Thanks for your time today Brett, the next Taco Supreme is on me!

-Everything I read puts Michael Strahan as the co-host front runner on LIVE WITH KELLY. If he does get the job, he could teach Kelly a thing or two about style...he looked awesome today, but Kelly's dress looked like a girl scout working on getting her sewing badge put her dress together right before the show. Strahan is great every time he is on with Kelly. I love when they walk out together...Michael is SO large compared to Kelly who is just sooooo tiny, but he's funny, has a great smile and ENORMOUS hands.

-THE VOICE finals began last night. For the big occasion, everyone brought their bling...Adam started out with a lovely black and blue lumberjack flannel but later revealed a pink sparkly "Team Xtina" t-shirt. (But there's more to that...see below) underneath. CeeLo wore white with some major black bling accessories. Blake went with a more understated black sparkly vest. Xtina wasn't feeling well, but she still put CeeLo to shame with diamond eyes and a gold sequined dress, but honestly that was the least of it. It was a true act of god that Xtina's boobs stayed in her dress during her duet with Chris Mann...I don't even know what they sang or if it was any good...all we focused on in our house was whether Xtina's boobs were going to make a "very special" guests appearance. Whatever held those suckers in is needed in the Carruba house to shingle our roof with.

Jermaine Paul's very emotional performance of "I Believe I Can Fly" with a gospel choir gave me The+Voicechills. Tony Lucca's rendition of "99 Problems and a B Aint One" was an odd song choice for this occasion. After Xtina criticized the song and their degrading lyrics, Adam broke out his "Team Xtina" sparkly T. Xtina took it as a compliment, she obviously didn't get that the joke was on her. Chris Mann's performance of "You Raise Me Up" gave me chills, goosebumps...the works and even moved Xtina to tears. The highlights of the show for me...Tony Lucca and Adam Levine's performance of The Beatles "Yesterday" and Jermaine Paul's rendition of Blake Shelton's tune "God Gave Me You". Cindy Crawford and her kids were in the house, Justin Timberlake was tweeting in his comments and was that Joel Osteen and his wife in the audience? Tonight along with Justin Bieber and other "special guests" a winner will be crowned, I honestly have no clue who it will be at this point. For you guys watching...who do you want to win?

-As expected, the SMASH finale will end just where it all began, with the question..."Who will play Marilyn on opening night?" Rebecca (Uma Thurman) thinks she was intentionally poisoned (by Ellis maybe??) but quits the show one week before the curtain goes up. (This is actually good news...she stunk as Marilyn anyway) Michael Swift came back, even though Julia swore she was out if he was in. Dev slept with Ivy, and is dying to tell Karen, but Karen just wants everything to be okay and even wants to marry him now...doubtful that they'll make it down the aisle. The biggest issue at this point is that the ending of the play isn't working, the preview audience didn't clap when Marilyn died, and now in addition to everything else going on, a new song, and a new ending is needed in a what does everyone do? They all go to church...Julia's family even gets the front row which makes no sense at all, but God seemed to provide good seats and divine inspiration...Julia and Tom make up, Julia has an idea for the ending of the show, and I'm guessing that Ivy will be Marilyn when the curtain goes up in the finale.

-You would think that after all these years, the PTC (Parent's Television Council) would learn that the more they complain about TV shows content, the higher the ratings. They are already making a big stink about Howard Stern on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. Bad move everyone is going to tune in...I have said this a Howard Stern fan for 25 years, I am betting that America will be shocked at how much they will like Howard on this show. Mark my words!

-Pretty compelling information on tablet usage around the world. 44% of respondents use their tablet to discover and view NEW TV channels NOT AVAILABLE on TV...


-I am sure you are all following the story about ABC's BIG BROTHER rip off, GLASS HOUSE. Now CBS's lawyers have informed ABC that they will sue if ABC goes forward with the show. CBS says that the series is way too much like BIG BROTHER and is suing based on copyright infringement. Strengthening CBS's case is the fact that 18 former BIG BROTHER staffers are working on the new show. ABC is planning to premiere GLASS HOUSE on June 18th. The show will air and lawyers will be busy, let's see if all of the publicity gets the show an audience.

-Lisa Lampanelli and Theresa Giudice were both fired from CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. I stopped watching when Penn Gillette was fired, so just keeping tabs for all of you guys who stuck with it. To be honest, I am glad Theresa got the ax...if she had won, she would have been even more unbearable to deal with than she is right now on REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ.

-50.4% of U.S. mobile subscribers owned smartphones in March 2012, up from 47.8% in December 2011, according to Q1 2012 data from Nielsen Mobile Insights.

Android was first with a 48.5% share, followed by Apple's iOS (32%), RIM's BlackBerry (11.6%), Windows Mobile (4.1%), Windows Phone (1.7%), and other (2.1%). Nielsen also looked into the make-up this growing group of smartphone users:

  • 50.9% of female mobile subscribers carried smartphones in March 2012; compared to 50.1% of men.
  • Among those in the 25-34 age group: More than two out of three have a smartphone.
  • 67.3% of Asian Americans use a smartphone as their primary mobile handset, which is tops in terms of U.S. smartphone penetration among several ethnicities (Hispanics: 57.3%; African Americans: 54.4%; White: 44.7%).

-Former BIG BROTHER super annoying couple, Brendan and Rachel DID NOT win THE AMAZING RACE, another Rachel did...Rachel and Dave were the big winners this season.

-Finally some good news for Jennifer Love Hewitt, her show on Lifetime, THE CLIENT LIST has been renewed.

-The ending of LOST drove Matthew Fox, aka Jack Shephard so nuts that he apparently was arrested for DUI in Bend, Oregon, where he and his family now live. Now that I think about it, maybe it was living in Bend, Oregon that drove him to drink and not trying to figure out what was up with the Dharma and Greg Initiative...

-Tuesday's Mother's Day Trivia: Who was Samantha Steven's Mom?

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