Brianne Boles-Marshall: Steering General Motors' Engagement with Diverse Media (Video)

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Meet Brianne Boles-Marshall, the dynamic head of Global Marketing Services, Diversity Media Strategy and Investment at General Motors. In her transformative role, Brianne has emerged as a pivotal figure in advocating for and investing in diverse media. Her journey, insights, and leadership are now highlighted in an exclusive interview for my Legends & Leadership series. Brianne is more than a marketing executive; she's a visionary leader driving change within General Motors and the broader media landscape. Her dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (D-E-I-B) is not just about improving business outcomes but also about creating a more inclusive and representative media world. Along with her GM colleague Heather Stewart, Brianne will be inducted into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors at the advertising community's leading fund-raiser for D-E-I-B initiatives on April 11, 2024 at New York's Hall des Lumiéres. (See GM's Heather Stewart on Driving Change and Empowering Diversity in Media (Video) | MediaVillage)

Early Career and Rise at General Motors:

Brianne's career, spanning over 15 years, includes impactful roles at Starcom, Open Mind, and now General Motors. Her expertise in both general marketing and multicultural strategy has seen her lead initiatives for major accounts like Miller Coors, P&G, and Nestle Purina. At General Motors, Brianne's focus has been on ensuring impactful investments across diverse media platforms, aligning with GM's overarching goals.

As the leader in diversity media strategy at GM, Brianne has championed diverse media and marketing efforts. She works tirelessly to ensure that GM's investments not only benefit the company but also enrich the diverse media ecosystem. Her approach involves educating and preparing diverse media entities for collaboration with big advertisers, bridging gaps and fostering understanding within the industry.

In my interview with Brianne, she emphasizes the importance of over-communication and leading by example. Her philosophy revolves around the effectiveness of reaching diverse audiences through contextually relevant content. Her leadership at GM is marked by the push for inclusivity and effectiveness in marketing, challenging conventional approaches that prioritize efficiency over impact.

Brianne has been instrumental in evolving GM's Diverse Media Summit. This initiative provides a platform for diverse media companies to understand GM's vision, goals, and commitments. The Summit encourages dialogue and mutual growth, highlighting GM's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

View Brianne's full Legends & Leadership interview above and at and register to attend the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors Induction Experience on April 11 at Hall des Lumieres in New York City. Learn more at Recognize the pivotal role of leaders like Brianne and companies like General Motors in advancing diversity and inclusion in the media and marketing industries.

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