Broadbeam Media Enters Agreement with Jackson Hewitt to Serve as AOR

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Broadbeam Media, the full-service, independent performance media agency that approaches media planning and buying by finding pockets of undervalued inventory in the fragmented digital video landscape, today announced its role as the new Agency of Record (AOR) for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service®. An innovator in the tax industry, Jackson Hewitt provides expertise and solutions for hard-working Americans to manage their taxes and tax refunds.

“Increasing complexity, fueled by recent changes to federal laws and the tax code, has generated new questions from our customers this year,” said Jason Duggan, VP Marketing, Jackson Hewitt. “In particular, there is a significant amount of uncertainty from taxpayers about how to properly reconcile Child Tax Credit and stimulus payments on tax returns. Our goal, working with Broadbeam Media, is to inform our audience that Jackson Hewitt Tax Pros have the requisite expertise to help tax-filers navigate this very unique tax season.”

“We are excited about the first campaign that we've put together and already launched media for Jackson Hewitt, as taxpayers are beginning to prepare for the tax filing season,” said Corinne Casagrande, SVP, Strategy and Growth, Broadbeam Media. “Our team took a deep dive into the demographics of Jackson Hewitt's target audience, and, when comparing this to our proprietary research of how people are ingesting media in 2022, put together a concise and targeted media plan to share important messaging across many platforms.”

Jackson Hewitt joins Broadbeam Media's roster of clients including American Standard, Omaha Steaks, Nordictrack, Penn State University, Publisher's Clearing House Netspend and Brinks, among others.

This article was originally published on PRWEB on March 10, 2022.

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