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Download below the Harvard Business Review white paper Building a Learning Organization. As we know, to stay ahead of competitors and generate growth across the industry, companies and industry categories must constantly enhance the way they do business. But more performance-improvement and team education programs fail than succeed. That's because many managers don't realize that sustainable improvement requires both organizational and individual commitment to learning.

After all, how can organizations respond creatively to new challenges (shifts in customer preferences, market downturns, technological advances, competitor advances, business innovation) without first identifying new growth tools and resources and then altering the way they operate to reflect new insights. Without learning, companies repeat old practices, make cosmetic changes, and produce short-lived improvements. To transform your teams and company into a learning organization, has acquired rights to the tools perfected by a Harvard Business School team led by David A. Garvin, focused on Building a Learning Organization. Garvin recommends mastering five techniques, which are organized in the team survey: Is Yours a Learning Organization?

Garvin's five techniques are:

  • Solving problems systematically
  • Experimenting with new approaches to work
  • Learning from past experiences
  • Learning from other companies and customers
  • Transferring knowledge throughout your organization

"Woven into the fabric of your company's daily operations, these activities help your organization make enduring improvements that translate directly into measurable gains, including superior quality, better delivery, and increased market share." MediaVillage. The Myers Report and provide our members with the tools and resources to implement against these five techniques and assure yours is a learning organization.

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