Built to Adapt, Adapting to Build: The Next Evolution of Our One Platform Organization

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For years, Comcast NBCUniversal has been on a journey to build a platform for our partners, with our partners -- investing in data, distribution, ad tech, commercial innovations and measurement.

In the process, we've learned that being a partnership platform requires us to move fast, stay agile and keep our focus on the future -- and that's table stakes. So, this year, to continue mirroring how our customers use One Platform, we're evolving our structure and #OurPartnershipCommitment in the following ways.

Converged Teams for a Converged World -- and Every Kind of Business

Across Comcast NBCUniversal and Sky, our platform helps any sized business connect with one billion people globally. We're so grateful Frank Comerford and his team will continue leading our Local strategy, and excited Maggy Chan will now lead the Global Sales and Partnership teams.

Mark Marshall will be leading a new, converged National Sales Team, serving all our agency and client partners. With this move we will have dedicated One Platform Account Directors and Client Partnership leaders. This will enable central contact points to allow us to develop customized solutions across NBCU assets to achieve our marketers' objectives.

This convergence will be facilitated by Tom Winiarski's team, our functional bridge between linear and digital, our inventory, and our clients -- helping us plan across all audiences while driving industry-leading workflow change.

Plus, to serve even more businesses, we're creating a brand-new SMB Growth Team to help smaller businesses advertise on our platform. This team will work alongside Mark Marshall and be completely focused on creating more resources so every sized business can advertise alongside the best content in the world.

One Platform Supported by Data, Technology and Expertise

For years we've been investing in our One Platform technology stack. We've recruited top talent to build it and partnered with the best tech companies to scale it. We've doubled down on 1st party data with NBCUnified, targeting with AdSmart, programmatic integrations and self-service tools, and a certified measurement program to prove the impact. To keep supporting our clients and agency partners, we're scaling this Streaming & Data Products team to bring expertise across all activations - from Peacock to Social to Apple News to Gaming. Krishan Bhatia will continue to lead and grow these teams, who are the architects of One Platform, and who help us future-proof our business.

We now have in-house experts across every agency, category and advertising product, positioned to understand the nuances across all industries, technologies, and customers. Our new structure empowers these experts to jump into any meeting, rise to any challenge, and provide even more support and solutions -- all for your business. Plus, we have experts dedicated to our biggest global events and IP -- including the team led by Dan Lovinger that's laser focused on the Olympics, from Paris 2024 to LA 2028 and beyond.

And there's more.

Solutions Enhanced by Insights and Creativity

The iconic IP and fandoms we have -- from sports to movie studios to theme parks to our networks -- are truly unbelievable. One Platform magnifies the impact of all this content, so our content and its creators can help magnify your impact.

To give all businesses access to our creative resources, Josh Feldman will lead a growing team that oversees the showstopping work we do for ourselves (think: One23, NewFronts, Upfront, Cannes and more) and all the original work we do for clients. This includes our commercial innovations across One Platform, commerce products like NBCU Checkout, and strategic initiatives. Josh is building out a new Content & Talent Partnerships team responsible for evolving and maintaining advertising strategies, sponsorship opportunities, and developing monetization opportunities around our IP and talent.

One Team, Focused on the Future

As we evolve this platform for our partners, we also constantly invest in our teams. Peter Blacker will continue in his position as Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusionreporting to me. Christina Glorioso,who leads Training and Development, will work with Accentureand Salesforceto democratize all information and resources across our teams.

And I mean all our teams. Because One Platform includes HR and Finance: Legal and Comms. Its success also depends on leaders like Gina LaRussa and Randy Culbertson and Jeff Hoeh and Joe Benarroch -- who keep us unified, moving fast and delivering for you.

Over the coming weeks, you'll hear from these leaders to learn what these new developments mean for you. Because ultimately, it's more than just a structural shift: It's a mind shift and a culture shift. And we're more than just One Platform: We're one team, with one goal -- to serve your business.

Article written by Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Global Advertising and Partnerships, NBCUniversal  

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