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How Burberry uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Econsultancy 6.12.2013

As a reaction to its declining fortunes a few years ago Burberry decided to overhaul its marketing strategy and the company currently allocates around 60% of its ad budget to digital. For that reason it's often highlighted as a brand that's ahead of the curve in terms of social marketing.

The Purpose-Driven Company: Q&A with Whole Foods' John Mackey

Sparksheet 6.12.2013

Year, we are the first-or second-largest company on Twitter and we just had a social media video we produced - "Dark Rye" - win a James Beard award.

Brands Are Eager to Partner With Cirque du Soleil

Adweek 6.9.2013

Some would argue that advertising has always been essentially a three-ring circus. And now Cirque du Soleil, home to lavish spectacles that are today's version of the traveling big top, is literally turning the ad business into a high-wire act, as it expands aggressively into marketing and branding partnerships.

Kellogg's: 'real life and virtual life are one for teens'

Brand Republic 6.12.2013

Laura Bryant, European brand manager for Kellogg's Krave, has told Marketing of the growing importance of social media in marketing products to a teenage audience.

Facebook Debuts Hashtags, Urges Advertisers to Use Them

Adweek 6.12.2013

Facebook today is officially unveiling hashtags to its platform after three months of industry speculation that it would make such a move. Hashtags, which are hugely popular on Twitter (and, to lesser extents, Instagram and Google+), should theoretically make the social media giant more conversational and could have significant search engine optimization implications.

A Reality TV Show, Minus the TV

The Wall Street Journal 6.11.2013

Two teenage boys sit by the airport here, competing to use their phones to take the best "selfie," or self-portrait, with planes landing in the background. Trevis and Ray write about the experience on Twitter, post pictures on Instagram and put short videos on Vine. It might be an average day for any American teenager in 2013.

3 Twitter Engagement Tricks You Should Do Every Day (From The #1 Most Engaged Brand On Twitter)

Forbes 6.5.2013

What's the most engaged brand on Twitter? If you're like me, you might guess @Starbucks, or @NYTimes, or @Nike, or @NFL. After all, they're all well-known brands with at least one million followers, and they all have huge advertising budgets.

Measuring the Impact of Branded Entertainment

Fast Co.Create 6.12.2013

The last year was a big one for marketers. As technology continues to drive shifts in consumer behavior and media consumption, brands and advertisers are justifiably excited about the emerging new 'Golden Age' of advertising yet anxious about their lightening-fast departure from the tried and true.

How to Promote Your Content Across Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

Convince & Convert 6.12.2013

Content marketing evangelists have spoken – "Create great content that appeals to your customers and you'll profit." While this is true, marketers often forget the importance of promoting their content.

The Best and Worst Times to Post to Social Media (Infographic)

Entrepreneur 6.12.2013

It's the million-dollar question for social media managers everywhere: What is the best time to post to social media? While the optimal time to update your Facebook page or Pinterest boards may vary depending on your audience, Social Caffeine created an infographic that lists, in general, the best and worst times to post to the major social networks.

Four Essential Questions to Ask About Your Branded Content

AdAge 6.12.2013

Branded content and entertainment should be simple: produce a content property inspired by a brand, and delight an audience with its entertainment value or usefulness. It works for brands like Red Bull and Unilever, just as it works for Netflix or ESPN.

New from the [L]earned Media Blog

Google's 'Chrome For' Earned Media Campaign Topped Viral Video Chart


Google Chrome's newest earned media campaign, "Chrome For: …" has become an instant viral hit. These short clips consist of popular videos that were gathered from YouTube, along with the tagline 'Chrome For' and a joke.

Burberry and Google Bring Romance Into Earned Media


Yesterday Burberry and Google announced their newest and extremely innovative social campaign. This campaign is called "Burberry Kisses" and it allows users to send their actual lip imprints in the form of a kiss through the digital world.

New in Earned Media: MySpace is Back!


MySpace has invested 22 million dollars in advertising to completely change the way America views the social media platform. Last night, MySpace debuted a commercial presenting the entirely new designed platform.

Introducing A New Player in the Earned Media Field


The next big thing in the world of earned media and branded entertainment was introduced to the world yesterday. BENT, a new branded entertainment company, was launched today by big media players.

Kiehl's and Captain America Leverage Branded Content For Men in WSJ


Wall Street Journal subscribers in New York, LA and San Francisco got a special treat in their newspapers over the weekend as an effort by Kiehl's skincare to utilize branded content. Kiehl's skincare and hair care teamed up with the iconic Marvel Comics character, Captain America, to target more men with its products.

Term "Native Advertising" Sparks Controversy


Many wonder where the term "native advertising" came from (and when I say "many", I mean people solely in the advertising industry). The term originated from investor Fred Wilson's term "native monetization" which meant that web properties differentiated the experience as unique.

WPP Group And Twitter Create a New Partnership


Twitter announced yesterday that they signed a global strategic partnership with WPP Group. This partnership will allow WPP Group to use Twitter data analytics to create much more effective marketing campaigns, as well as ensure them more adequate ad targeting.

Earned Media Allows Viewers to Follow a Chairs Journey to Become a Hero


Allsteel, an office supply company has turned to earned media tactics to garner awareness and attention for their brand and products. We at [L]earned Media applaud Allsteel for catching on to the importance of earned media in today's digital marketing world, and how advantageous it can be for brands.

Heineken Portrays Its Climactic Sense of Humor Via Earned Media Campaign


"Legends Aren't Born. They're Dropped" is the slogan that Legend All Rikar has probably come to hate for Heineken's new branded entertainment video series, "Dropped".

Ben & Jerry's Integrates Earned Media With Real World Events in Campaign


Kudos to 360i, Ben & Jerry's digital shop, for bringing the thought of ice cream to the forefront of everyone's mind this summer. Starting this month, Ben & Jerry gets creative and somewhat complicated with its new campaign, in which environmental concern meets earned media.

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