The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: The SAVED BY THE BELL cast and the MODERN FAMILY cast both went to Hawaii on their vacations.

FIRST FIVES: He Who Shall Not Be Named, James Schiro, Lisa McCusker, Lori DiCillis & Karen Heniger

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5




STARS EARN STRIPES-NBC 1.4/3.9Kristy Carruba

NCIS-CBS 1.1/7.1

Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5





POR ELLA SOY EVA-Univision 14,060

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

TEEN MOM-MTV 1.6/2.6





Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5



ADRIFT 47 DAYS WITH SHARKS-Discovery 247,504


THE GLEE PROJECT-Oxygen 74,286


  • Wil with one L's forehead braid was back for another week
  • Wait til Danielle watches the show and hears that Shane is JUST NOT THAT INTO HER!
  • I can't believe it's been a week of Spiritard...that went fast!
  • Goth Jen is playing in the Veto...forgot that she was even in the house
  • Zingbot is back and better than ever! OMG Zingy got EVERYONE so good!Big+Brother
  • Loved his Zing to Britney about the Brigade!
  • Frank Zinging ABNY/ it
  • Danielle's Zing was the BEST of them all
  • Shane's hair this week reminded me of Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary
  • OMG Ashley is SO F'ING STUPID!
  • Britney Zinging ABNY/Boogie's it (I bet Dr. Will gave it to him!)
  • Frank won the Veto...would love him to do something interesting, but betting he leaves the nominations as is.
  • Dan the Yeller is so paranoid...
  • Goth Jen was ACTUALLY strategizing in tonight's episode...shocking twist!
  • Okay so Quackpack includes Ian but Silent Six Doesn't?
  • Is Frank pretending to read the bible?
  • Danielle's pimples keep disappearing and reappearing
  • YEAH...Frank didn't use the POV...Happy actually

-GABY DOUGLAS kicked off AMERICA'S GOT TALENT last night and the crowd went nuts! After the USA, USA, USA chant calmed down, Nick and Gabby got right to it and revealed the first act to be put through. Of course it was Academy of Villains...I got that one right last night. Then if I wasn't America%27s+Got+Talenthappy enough from being right...a Justin Bieber sneak peak...sorry guys...I did enjoy it! I think I've revealed in past posts that I do currently have a bit of Bieber Fever...not ashamed at all. Since this was YouTube night, current YouTube sensation, Karmin, pseudo performed one of my current favorite songs...Brokenhearted. Pretty sure she was lip syncing, which is lame to do on AGT. Next act going through, Bria Kelly the country singer, again...I was right. Magic of Puck...also made it through...okay I thought he was decent, but I wasn't sure if he would make it through or not. Best part of the show, the behind the scenes segment of Howard's commute from NYC to Newark. I totally forgot they were doing the Howard piece tonight. Loved seeing Ronnie and Gary get a little screen time. Last act to be put through, was Clint the bird guy. Yeesh...I hate birds.

-I don't normally watch the Travel Channel, but I love a good list, a good countdown, best of's, top 5's etc. So when I saw Adam Richman's BEST SANDWICH IN AMERICA-Finals in my TiVo guide, I had to check it out. I love a good sandwich! Adam framed the competition up just like March America%27s+greatest+sandwichMadness. He has apparently been traveling the country to find 30 of the best sandwiches and was pitting them against each other. Every single one of these sandwiches had me salivating, but lucky for my family, the winner was DiNics Roast Pork Sandwich in Philadelphia. We are headed to Philly for a game in September and we now will be stopping at DiNics place to sample THE BEST SANDWICH IN AMERICA. Great job Adam! I tried to find a list of the finalists for you, but that's where the show failed me. I would think that foodies would love a list to download to their smartphone or print out. If anyone from the Travel Channel is reading...take my's a good idea!

-I root for the CW, I really do. I have loved the network since it was the WB and I truly want it to do well. That's why I gave up some time in my life last night to check out OH SIT! Cute name for a show. A game show that was supposed to be Musical Chairs on steroids. Oy Vey. Of course I Oh+Sitcould write that OH SIT! is SH*T but that is just too easy. Here's the thing...if WIPEOUT can work, this idea could work too, but it's just a stupid mess. The key to Musical Chairs is the music. They had a live band, you could barely hear and the music was horrible. The contestants had to go around and around a crazy watery obstacle course while the horrible music was playing and then when the music stopped, get to the chairs which are on this island in the middle of the course. It took way too long for the contestants to even get to the chairs because the course was ridiculous and the contestants were exhausted. I really had high hopes...come on Jed...really?

-Some final (well, maybe not final...I'm sure more numbers will continue to come in) Olympics numbers:

  • 159+ million total video streams.
  • 64.4+ million live streams.
  • 57+ million visitors to
  • 1.9+ billion page views across all platforms.


I would have thought these numbers overall would be higher for TWITTER...only 31.8 million total users in 2012. -Sad news A&E cancelled GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS Family+Jewelsyesterday. I loved that show. I do admit that I was getting annoyed with it lately, and it probably was time, but I really did love it. I didn't realize that it had been on for 7 years, so it lasted longer than most shows of its kind. I want to thank the Simmons/Tweed family for letting me into their lives these past few years, they were the kind of reality family you didn't feel embarrassed watching. Of course they had their issues, (if they didn't we wouldn't have watched) but they really are decent people who raised good kids. I'll miss them.

-I just read that there is going to be a show on the new NICKMOM block on Nickelodeon called WHAT WAS CAROL BRADY THINKING? Okay A) Love the title and B) Love the concept...basically think Pop Up Videos commentary over BRADY BUNCH episodes...hilarious idea right! Hope it's done well. Show is supposed to launch in October...I'll remind you when it gets closer!

Thursday's Trivia Question: Where did Jerry, Elaine and George go when they were trying to find Kramer?

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