Call for Code: Meet Women Changing the World in FQ's Modern Guide to Equality

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The world is faced with challenges of an unprecedented nature -- and it is women who are answering the call. That was the genesis of Call for Code, a global initiative that invites innovators to build solutions that take on society's most pressing issues.


In partnership with IBM, The Female Quotient created a five-part series of the Modern Guide to Equality on Call for Code. You'll meet five women who answered the call, innovators who forged new pathways, turned purpose into action, and found creative solutions to global challenges. Through their experiences, you will find out why removing bias in tech is not just a moral mandate, but also a business imperative.

Growing up in rural Mongolia, Chimka Munkhbayar experienced the effects of climate change firsthand. Discover how she forged her path in the dual male-dominated fields of agriculture and technology, and learn more about how she is helping farmers face climate change.

Juleen Gentles is an avid explorer of our digital world, and uses this expertise to support developing regions. Hear more about her journey, and find out how she is using technology to increase food security among marginalized communities.

In Siddama Tigadi's native India, floods have become a tragically common consequence of climate change. Find out how she entered the field of technology, and discover how she is using innovation to tackle disaster management.

As an API developer, Michelle Howie is used to being the only woman in the room. Hear how she is changing that, using her own expertise to mentor developers, and discover how she has navigated the technology industry so successfully.

>When the pandemic left the world more fragmented than ever, Bente Acking created a solution to improve global connectivity. Find out how she innovated a social platform that brings people around the world together, creating a socio-economic recovery movement from the bottom up.

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