Call-Out to Recognize Your D-E-I-B Leaders' Contributions

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In my recent commentary I described DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) professionals as our industry's 'first responders'. This analogy sparked a dialogue about the vital role these professionals play in fostering a healthy workforce and driving business growth. Their work is as crucial as that of any emergency service, yet it often goes underfunded, especially in advertising and media companies.

To address this, we are hosting the 7th Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors Induction Experience on April 11. This gala event, set in the magnificent Hall des Lumieres in New York City from 6-9 pm, is not just a celebration but a critical fundraiser.

Support of your D-E-I-B professionals will help fund college loan relief, continuing education, resources for meeting preparation and mental health programs, investments in diverse talent acquisition, development, and retention. The evening will feature the induction of leaders and emerging talent from 14 companies into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors. Additionally, attendees will enjoy the immersive Marc Chagall art installation, adding a unique cultural dimension to the event.

This gathering is more than just a gala; it's a testament to your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Your corporate presence as an Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors partner will make a statement: you stand with those who champion DEIB values. Will you join us in this essential cause? Our objective is clear: making such fundraising efforts unnecessary by achieving sustainable support for DEIB initiatives. But until then, your corporate participation is essential and meaningful. We know our community is generous. Witness the social media photos from events supporting a spectrum of diseases, causes, and even Smokey the Bear. Certainly, there is a path to supporting our industry's health through investments in talent. Recognize and support DEIB teams. Become an partner. Download the Partner Opportunities and return the included form to  For more information, visit our event page at

Together, we can make a difference in advancing diversity and creating a more inclusive industry. I look forward to seeing you and your colleagues on April 11.

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