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How much can we watch, share, read, post, create, share, read, post, comment, tag, share? It seems like an unlimited amount. As marketers we are all now faced with keeping up with our consumers’ desires to be in the content consuming, creating and sharing business. Late last year we embarked on the development of a content marketing distribution offering centered around video content for influencer marketing. Ad Age recently published "Forget the Year of Mobile -- It's Actually the Year of Video" and I could not agree more - we saw that in our CEO PERSPECTIVE: LOOKING AHEAD TO 2013. Since then I've observed some things I wanted to share as we near the half way mark of 2013.

1. Content Creation has become essential for any successful marketing campaign. The content increasingly needs to be video, sharable and globally appealing. To do this brands are starting to have to learn how to do storytelling in real-time.

2. Brands as Media Companies and Publishers - talk about a seismic shift. Brands historically supported publishers and media companies with their ad dollars. Today Brands have to publish timely, relevant information that consumers find valuable enough to read or watch vs. magazines, TV or newspapers. Not what most marketers went to B-School for!

3. Vine, Vine - Make a Movie Anytime - this is a wonderful new "thing" for all of us to contemplate. Making movies in moments and sharing them instantly. Lowe’s has brilliantly leveraged the Vine platform (see #lowesfixinsix… it’s super useful and makes me want to shop at Lowe’s). Check out to see some other awesome examples of Brands just having fun.

4. Global Localized - watching how brands are tapping into to the global creative spirit and then sharing the moments captured is super exciting. Coca-Cola is hitting it out of the park right now with wonderfully edited content in Coke’s ‘Security Cameras’ to tell a specific story. They’ve also embraced this idea by a complete reinvention of their website to Coke Journey - check out the stories tab.

So for me the first half of the year has happened really quickly and the need to create content that engages and do it daily is a pretty real thing. Most budgets have not caught up, most skill sets are not yet developed and most cultures have not changed yet. So as you take a long weekend, think about H2 and plan for 2014. Think about Content creation and publishing, it will serve you well.

Michael Kogon is CEO of Definition 6, the unified marketing agency he founded in 1997. Michael has consistently refined the agency's focus over the years, helping it evolve from the largest independent digital agency in the Southeast to one of the fastest-growing unified marketing agencies in the country. Michael can be reached at

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