Canvas WW's Greg Johns on Opening the Door for Impact, Innovation and Creativity (Video)

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As the Chief Product Officer for Canvas Worldwide, Greg Johns experiences the day-to-day complexity of the advertising business and the importance of data and measurement resources. "But at the end of the day," he points out, "we're doing advertising here. We have to sell product. We are not in the business of counting things." In our Legends & Leadership conversation, Greg shares his perspective on the evolving resources required to support and inform clients and his priorities as the person responsible for the development of all Canvas products, encompassing technology, processes and data offerings.

At an agency that is consistently recognized for its innovation and creativity, Johns stresses that data "is opening the door for impact, innovation and creativity to become a bigger part of our thinking and how we drive success for our clients. We're seeing a resurgence on the creative side," he believes. "Audience multiplied by impact equals results. You can have the best audience targeting that was ever invented in the history of advertising, but if you multiply that by zero impact you have zero results. Our industry may have overthought audience" and now it's time for more focus on creativity and impact.

In our conversation, Johns and I range from the future of data legislation to Italian wines (he named his dog Brunello). He shares insights from his career path and experience in digital media and work for clients including McDonald's, Starbucks, General Motors, Mitsubishi, HBO, Microsoft, Discovery Networks, Hyatt, Virgin Atlantic, Hyundai and Kia.

Watch the video above and join Greg and me for a journey covering the past, present and future of advertising and the media agency business.

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