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In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, Captivate, North America's leading digital out of home video network, takes another deep dive into the ever-evolving role of women in business.

Despite the backdrop of the "Great Resignation" and the rise of "quiet quitting," female professionals continue to exhibit resilience in the workplace, even championing fellow working women along the way.

Nearly two in three (64%) professionals said they can attribute a career achievement to a female mentor, boss, or peer, but it’s overwhelmingly women who seek out those powerhouse relationships, a new Captivate Office Pulse study found. Women are more than twice as likely as men to have a female mentor (36% vs. 17%), and more likely to have a mentor of any gender (48% vs. 44%). This speaks to a growing motif we’ve seen emerge in this year’s Women in Business series: a theme of community, and the strength this generation of working women draws from those crucial connections.

It stands to reason: While pay, representation and advancement gaps are gradually closing, women have generally had more incentive to seek support from those navigating the corporate ladder from a synchronous vantage point. On the mentor side, too, accomplished women may feel a particular draw to pass on advice they wish they had been given early in their careers.

In what has become a highly anticipated annual feature, this March, Captivate is giving female professionals across North America a platform to share their wisdom and tips for success, coupled with spotlights on the achievements of notable women throughout history.

"Don’t assume accomplishments will speak for themselves and be heard. Use your megaphone to champion one another’s great ideas and work." - Randi Stipes, CMO, The Weather Company

"Build a circle of diverse colleagues that allow you to be yourself and provide support and encouragement when needed. Collaborate, don't compete. There is room for all.” Angie Atkins, Sr. Director of Operations, Garrett Residential

Not only do a greater percentage of female professionals seek out employee resource groups (ERGs), 77% of those women are in groups specifically focusing on female employees, a number that climbs to 81% among female decision-makers.

Women-centric ERGs power critical connections for women. For example, while juggling extracurricular guardianship roles or facing a lack of representation are not uniquely gendered challenges, women can benefit from the lived experiences of fellow female executives to collaborate and overcome.

While more women (83%) than men (69%) have felt overwhelmed by their responsibilities in the past 12 months, they’re coping with aplomb. 42% of female respondents said they prioritize their personal wellbeing when overwhelmed, while just 26% of male respondents do the same. This method, which has in part informed “right to disconnect" policies elsewhere in the world, is touted by experts as allowing employees to show up each day feeling “energized, committed and creative.”

"Compartmentalizing is a positive strategy for putting separation between work and home, allowing you to wholeheartedly invest in – and enjoy - each world." - Shawna Miller, VP Marketing and Communications, Canada, Mastercard

The self-care strategy appears to be paying off, as several crucial categories that saw pandemic-era dips have ticked back up:

  • 82% of women feel their ideas are valued in the workplace, up significantly from 70% in 2022
  • 61% of female employees feel they are fairly compensated for the work they do, up slightly from 58% in 2022
  • Female employees are nearly as likely as their male counterparts to have asked for a raise (41% vs. 44%) or promotion (31% vs. 30%)

Ultimately, the journey to professional success gets an exponential boost by combining community care with self-care. You might have a handle on your capabilities, your weaknesses and even your professional roadmap, but the support of your professional “village” will smooth your path and keep you on track.

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