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Captivate, North America’s leading digital-out-of-home video network, puts the spotlight on those advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in honor of Global Diversity Awareness Month.

Enacting meaningful DEI policies in the workplace is imperative for a successful business and requires incorporating all three pillars of diversity, equity and inclusion. However, a recent Captivate Office Pulse survey of over 400 professionals found that equity is getting short shrift. Just 68% say their company is equitable, while 80% tout inclusivity and 73% report diversity.

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Equity, or the presence of impartiality and fairness for all employees based on their diverse needs, applies to many areas, but perhaps none so pressing as pay. Earlier this year, a separate Captivate Office Pulse study found that the gender pay gap persists -- and as gender intersects with race, sexual orientation, ability and age, that gap becomes a chasm. A national workforce study corroborated that Latinas make just 49 cents for every dollar earned by a white man, while Black, Native American and AAPI women also lag behind hite men in terms of compensation. LGBTQ workers and workers with disabilities also experience pay inequity.

Bridging the disparity is one of the most sought-after DEI outcomes according to Office Pulse panelists. Just 37% report that their company enforces pay equity policies -– but 49% consider it the DEI initiative that they'd most like to see implemented. Analysis of hiring practices (36%) and mentorship programs (33%) were the next-most sought-after initiatives.

Fostering a culture of inclusion is a high priority for the next generation of workers. 52% of Millennial and Gen Z workers who were "not satisfied atall" with their company’s progress in creating a diverse and inclusive environment left within two years. Furthermore, the most diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors.

Implementing the pillars of DEI in the workplace takes ongoing advocacy, dedication and, yes, leadership -- but you can lead at any stage of your career. In the spirit of Global Diversity Awareness month, Captivate’s Drivers of Diversity series is honoring champions who are promoting DEI within teams and across organizations to ensure all feel valued and respected. Some highlights from the series’ DEI advocates include:

“When working in a multicultural space, representation matters. It is important for the creative process and final product to be reflective of the intended audience.” -- Erik Thomas, Sr. Group Manager -- Experiential, Sponsorship & Multicultural Marketing, Hyundai Motor America

The most powerful way to ensure inclusivity is to have the right representation at the table. When bringing together a working group, involve not just different teams or functions, but also a diversity of lived experiences that will contribute to a variety of perspectives.

"My goal is to help everyone recognize their role and responsibility in creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive world. We can’t do it alone!" -- Jennifer Willey, Founder and CEO, Wet Cement

Rather than call people out, call people in. Reforming deeply-entrenched systems is hard work, and old norms won’t budge without the involvement of many.

“I became the third Female Chief Engineer in the City of Chicago. I do my best to be visible to younger women in the industry and remind them and others that we don't have to be who we were yesterday. By making myself visible, other people will learn that women are valid candidates in traditionally male dominated fields and roles.” -- Barbara Hickey, Director of Operations and Construction, Willis Tower, EQ Office

Ensuring that diversity is seen, heard and celebrated is a considerable tool in battling systemic barriers. Captivate’s Drivers of Diversity series aims at achieving just that, alongside month-long coverage of company spotlights, advice for employees and employers, and a deep dive into the arts and culture of historically marginalized groups.

As workplaces strive to prioritize and implement DEI strategies, we must acknowledge that there is no “done.” Advancing DEI requires evergreen dedication. Beyond the content series, Captivate has an ongoing commitment to being a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, anchored by a culture statement, a DEI framework that’s integrated into every aspect of the business, a DEI committee and an employee resource group focused on inclusion. We believe this focus will not only make Captivate a better business, it will also build a better community. Simply put, it’s the right thing to do, and we’re proud to be doing it.

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