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Cereal advertisers may want to re-deploy their TV spend from the top rated Broadcast programs as only ABC’s “Bachelorette”, the 6th highest rated program, offered high ratings AND an audience of many households who buy a lot of Cereal. At least Adult Cereal Brands should consider it! Likewise, the top 2 rated Broadcast programs delivered a slightly below average audience of Cereal buyers – so less should be invested there.

General Mills, Kelloggs, Post, and the rest of the Cereal category advertisers spend an aggregate of almost $400 million annually on television advertising. Historically, those media dollars have been placed in the programs (and planned by daypart/network) that offer the highest ratings for an age/gender demographic such as Women 25-54. Today, advertisers (and their agencies) can increase the productivity of their television spend by finding The Right Audience™ using consumer purchasers as a complement to the traditional ratings approach. Deploying your media dollars where they can work hardest for you – where you can reach people who buy your product increases efficiency and effectiveness of your television dollars. What if you could spend less and get more to grow your sales?

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