CES 2023 Spurs Innovation, From Massive Screens to Laundry Machines

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This year's CES will see 2,300+ exhibitors including Google, Microsoft, LG, Sony, ASUS, Garmin, Panasonic, Nvidia, Intel, Hisense, JBL and AMD (some of whom took time off for COVID). From Blockchain-based voting systems that are tamper proof and would ensure that one vote from a legitimate voter is cast and counted from zKvoting to ways to store your renewable energy -- with Bluetti.

Samsung was recently honored with 46 CES 2023 Innovation Awards. Some of the most noteworthy include a chip and security to protect your credit cards. Wonder what the new larger screens will be like in 2023? Samsung's new foldable screen took an award and may be a place where one could watch OTT content on a larger format phone/tablet screen. Meanwhile, their new AI laundry machines will help you "automatically identify fabric types and dirt levels, optimizing their performance accordingly," while cycles themselves can be controlled with Samsung's SmartThings app. Bespoke AI™ Dryer uses sensors and algorithms to measure the moisture content of clothes, adjusting drying time and temperature to seamlessly optimize drying cycles. The Bespoke AI Laundry pair responds to frequent washing habits for a highly personalized experience, and the laundry pair has a range of color choices to help inspire more ways to customize home laundry spaces.

Auto aficionados will delight in hearing that this year's CES will prove to be one of the largest "U.S. auto shows" we have seen. Expect to see new commercial and concept EVs from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Honda and many others. If you love speed, make your way to the Motor Speedway for an AI autonomous spin at 190 MPH in an Indy car.

LG will again have a dedicated space for things like gaming, but it will also have new areas dedicated to Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Does your wall need a larger screen? LG will launch a 136" LED TV because every home should have a 136" TV in this new era of streaming! I for sure would love to have one but will have to wait until the $299k price ticket comes down to earth.

Speaking about coming down to earth, perhaps the biggest surprise outside of the cool new robots and personal security items -- which will amaze -- will be the link to the space station onsite.

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