CFO Summit Preview: The Biggest Employment Practice Challenges Your Media Business May Face in 2024 (Video)

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Media and entertainment finance professionals find themselves involved in an increasing number of corporate decisions, and human resources is one department in which they're being asked to participate more now than ever. In parallel, employment laws are evolving quickly, being spurred by the aftermath of the pandemic and individual states taking stronger stances on behalf of employees. Employment laws have become so complex and challenging that many law firms are bolstering their labor and employment teams to handle a growing number of cases for which employers need legal guidance. MFM is fortunate to have secured a longtime labor and employment practice attorney, Mark Konkel of Kelley Drye, to speak at the 2024 CFO Summit, scheduled for March 18-20, 2024, in Orlando.

In this video, Konkel provides a preview of some of the most pressing employment laws currently being proposed and added to the books at both state and national levels he'll be discussing at the CFO Summit. One topic is the latest in pay transparency laws and the need for employers to have a rationale to defend the current trend of wildly disparate pay ranges. Another subject is noncompete agreements and how employers can comply with state-by-state laws that protect employees while also safeguarding their businesses.

And, as with all else in our industry, AI has entered the employee recruitment and hiring process. "AI is controversial because it's a black box," Konkel says, noting that while employers see the benefits of using AI to cull resumes and find potential employees who live in a specific ZIP code in proximity to their office for example, what they might not know is that doing so could unintentionally eliminate good candidates due to their socioeconomic status. "You have to have the right processes and documentation of that data process to defend their use of AI," he explains.

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