Cinema Solves for Fragmentation with Unrivaled Impact

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Today’s media marketplace is operating within unprecedented times and changing at a breakneck pace. Fueled by unbridled technological innovation, fragmentation has never been a greater concern for media buyers and brands. Finding scale with the right audience, within the right environment, at the right time is a tremendous challenge … for most. Cinema is thriving in this environment.

For media professionals, the immediate response to fragmentation seems to be to lump impressions and screens together and operate with a video neutral approach. This approach ignores the true value of advertising, which is finding impact by affecting an audience that is paying full attention. No matter what a media plan may look like, the truth is that not all impressions and not all screens are created equal.

There is no shortage of impressions available, as online and mobile options continue to crowd the market. However, there are an ever-increasing number of ways for consumers to avoid watching ads. Watching video on TV continues to be the hub of consumption, yet more than 50% of viewers are using another device at the same time. In addition to DVRs, ad-skipping, ad-blocking and time shifting, the emergence of over-the-top services, like Netflix, leaves many media professionals asking: Who is really paying attention out there, and more importantly, how can we find them?

The challenges of connecting to audiences in a meaningful way are real, and pressure is increasing to create a media chemistry that impacts consumers to take action. Against the backdrop of this media chaos, we really need to find outlets that allow for viewability. Yeah, seems ridiculous, but today more than ever we need to guarantee that consumers are actually seeing and engaging with your ads. Without this simple proposition, there can be no action taken. But even if an audience views your ads, can you find enough meaningful scale to influence a brand’s ROI? Is the audience even the right audience? Was a memorable impression made?

Thankfully, this past weekend (and every weekend) audiences showed up in droves to go to the movies and there is no doubt that brands had a memorable impression on moviegoers. Cinema is a simple yet incredibly effective equation for brands and agencies:

Cinema has the world’s Best Programming
+ In the most immersive, captivating, clutter free Environment
+ To the most coveted Audience -- tech savvy influencers with deep purchasing power
+ On the most powerful 40 foot high Platform
Cinema Environment + Cinema Audience = Maximum Impact

This formula, unique to cinema, sets up unrivaled results for ad awareness, purchase intent and recommendation. Meanwhile, absolutely 0% of cinema’s audience can skip ads. It offers 100% viewabilty and 100% impact.

The challenges apparent this upfront season have only reaffirmed the absolute need to find impact and there is no other media better positioned to create that impact than cinema.

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