Clearspring Technologies & PointRoll Bring Rich Media to Widget Ads

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Clearspring Technologies is announcing today (12/10/07)a partnership with PointRoll to provide viral sharing and tracking tools to enable PointRoll to bring rich media enhanced widget capabilities to their 1500 partners.

Under the terms of the exclusive partnership, advertisers currently using PointRoll to incorporate rich media into their online campaigns will now be able to leverage Clearspring’s viral sharing technology to convert new or existing rich media ads into SnaggableAds. SnaggableAds have a widget component that can be easily grabbed from any PointRoll ad unit and shared across social networks, start pages and blogs. Clearspring, the market leader in widget syndication and tracking, also is announcing the launch of the Widget Ad Network, providing media publishers an easy and scalable solution for monetizing digital content across social networking sites, start pages and blogs, by creating an ad network to serve ads within the publishers’ widgets.  Virgin Mobile, Blockbuster, Lionsgate Films and The Learning Channel have entered into a beta test agreement to distribute viral widget rich media ads through Fox TV (Futurama) and x17 online. The partners will be exploring different widget ad formats to define retention, grab rates, and interaction with the ads. "Advertisers who want to reach the web 2.0 audience can do it more effectively in widgets rather than banner ads, especially now that they are rich media enabled," said Peggy Fry, SVP Business Development for Clearspring in an exclusive interview with JackMyers Media Business Report. For examples, visit  and for more information, contact Peggy Fry at

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